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Jan 6, 2016 Romial commented on Savage Love.
@29 seandr

How does cowgirl conjure up the genocide of Native Americans? Cowboys maybe. Cowgirls, not so much. And before anyone tries to guilt me about asking that... Some of my ancestors were on the winning side of the battle of the little big horn.
Apr 26, 2015 Romial commented on Comcast Outage Renews Calls for a Non-Corporate-Overlord Internet Provider in Seattle.
@35 Hate doing this so long after but...

If you are an engineer then either someone else says what to do or you really suck at reading design pages. I specifically exempted individual connections with my last mile comment. The DARPA specifications for the net do indeed require redundancy. That is why it is a packet switched network. And I never said a word about redundancy at the end-user level.

Oh and the end user IS an IP connection. You might want to look into how the internet is supposed to work before you talk about subjects outside your knowledge base. A properly designed network would lose, at most, a couple of blocks from a cut cable. Not a large chunk of the city. And before trying to school someone about the internet you might want to find out if they might know a little about it first. I did my time reading and commenting of RFC's and voting on CFV's and can say that I knew about some of the specs on it before most people online even knew there was an internet.

Been there, done that, voted no on the T-shirt.
Apr 23, 2015 Romial commented on Jon Stewart: Don't Forget to Google Santorum.
@35 Please do the world a favor (and destroy your worldview in the process) and go do some research on philosophy before you dig a deeper hole to bury yourself in. Agreed upon public ethics CAN indeed be binary but usually isn't. Personal ethics are the one that are ALWAYS binary because I simply cannot act in ways that violate them. You can't either. Even an outright sociopath has his (or her) own ethical system that he can not violate. Interestingly enough, ALL personal ethics allow you to lie to people that don't exactly share your ethics. At last count that is over 7 billion people that your personal ethics allows you to lie to. Whether or not you actually lie to everyone is up to you on a case by case basis. And let us not get into the expediency over-ride in your personal ethics. Altho that does fit in with your ability to lie to everyone who doesn't have the same personal ethics you have. (i.e. everyone else on earth).

Basically I am saying you should leave ethics out of this discussion. They don't mean a thing in this context. My personal ethics are most certainly not your ethics. I think mine are superior to yours but everyone thinks that theirs is superior to everyone else's. Think about it.
Apr 9, 2015 Romial commented on Comcast Outage Renews Calls for a Non-Corporate-Overlord Internet Provider in Seattle.
@14 arbeck
You are correct that Comcast Seattle isn't the internet. But they are connected to the internet and act as a backbone provider in most areas that they "serve". Since the basic specs of the internet requires redundancy it would not be that difficult for them to build some redundancy into their system. BTW the basic specs of the internet were designed around communication after a freaking nuclear war. That is why it is a packet switched network that is semi self-healing with regards to outages in the backbones. If it can survive a bunch of holes where cities used to be it should survive a single cut cable unless that cable is a last mile one and that only knocks a few places off the net. (local equivalent to a nuke) From what I am seeing that is NOT the case here. That is not a last mile cable and therefor there should be redundant ways for the data to get thru. Since there isn't, it is purely a case of corporate greed requiring engineering to cut corners.

And just so you know. Cutting a transatlantic cable would do nothing more than slow down communications with Europe. There are multiple cables across that ocean so that while traffic would slow (maybe) it would not stop. Besides some of the traffic would be routed in ways that probably are not that obvious to you. Like via Australia. DARPA designed the system that way and it works quite well. It is only when someone (Comcast) cuts corners that problems arise.
Apr 7, 2015 Romial commented on CenturyLink Apologizes for Misleading Customer About Its Gigabit Internet Service.
@25 Since you state you worked in a telecom for many years then maybe you can answer a simple backbone question. Since there is already a nationwide multi-gig backbone built why don't the telecoms use it? Designed by AT&T and built by them and MCIWorldCOMM due to an agreement between them and the government to allow desegregation of the phone companies. They invested several billion dollars designing and building this backbone. Then never ever terminating it and using it. Why would that be?
The US has the best backbone ever made but it can't be used since the people that built it won't allow ANYONE (not even themselves) to use it. Now why would that be?

Just a simple question.
Mar 9, 2015 Romial commented on Unpacking Ben Carson's Remarks on CNN.
@9: They exist. Just rare to find them these days other than on MRA sites of course. But why would Dan want to have blood from them anywhere near him?

@7: Decent quality virgin blood is exceedingly expensive these days. Dan is not Bill Gates and so can't really afford it. Now if he wants to risk aging MORE then he can get the cheap blood from MRA people.
Mar 6, 2015 Romial commented on Frequent Fox News Guest: Islamic Radicals Support Gay Rights (Cannibalism Too).
@10 Would having gone around the whole thing in person count as first-hand evidence? Since I didn't fall off at some edge and can't recall finding an east pole to be teleported from so as to put me at a west pole, that I also don't remember, I would guess that I went around a globular item that does a really good job of being the planet Earth.
If that counts as first-hand.
Feb 9, 2015 Romial commented on The Morning News: SPD's Records Requester Is Back and Now He Wants a Ton of State Employees' E-mails.
@32 Just for the record COBOL is not defined as software. It is a programming language. It is one that has severe limitations while also being great at some other things. You just have to remember that it's primary purpose was to run in batch mode doing sequential file access. It is capable of live access and even random file access but it wasn't designed to be that great at those things. Starting with the 1972 update to the standard they have tried to make it better at things but the core concept limits what you can do with it. If you want a payroll program it is hard to beat COBOL. It is even good at inventory and order systems. If you want to do massive amounts of database searching I would recommend finding yourself someone who knows how to work with SQL and putting in a request for a server that is only a few generations back in hardware.

Sorry that the bureaucrats in charge are the guys I made fun of way back in the dinosaur age (IBM system 32 was the top of the line back then) since they wont upgrade your systems to at least the mid-nineties. They not only tend to not understand technology they actually tend to fear it. They have good reason to fear it tho. If they had an efficient system it might expose how useless they are so they want it to run like it did back when "portable computer" meant it only took one guy and a forklift to move it. I once surprised people by moving a TI/990 mini-mainframe with just a dolly instead of a pallet jack (I used the pallet jack to move the 25 megabyte hard drive system tho).
Jan 15, 2015 Romial commented on As Racist Republicans Survive Their Scandals, Congress Prepares to Go After President Obama's Immigration Reform.
Thinking about SB (make sure you take two aspirin BEFORE doing this) could easily drive a person either insane or into heavy drinking. Regretfully I'm not allowed to drink due to my job and I would rather stay somewhat sane. In spite of those facts I took my aspirin (followed by several more a short time later) and tried to figure him out. He tends to take the older road in his assumptions of age of liberals. Hmmm.... since I am slightly past the mid-century point in my life I may or may not be younger than him but it doesn't really matter since he will say I am no matter what.

He acts like he thinks that being a successful owner of apartments makes him special even tho in an environment like Seattle a couple of chimps could well. Hey SB if you want to impress people with being a successful apartment owner go do it in Detroit, Seattle is NOT a challenge in the real estate game. That does assume you actually own any apartments which is sort of doubtful due to your known level of mendacity. Oh that's right... Since I'm just a truck driver I shouldn't comment about being a successful businessman. Maybe I should mention that the IRS, my CPA, and the company I am leasing myself to would all agree that I am a successful businessman?

Now I don't like doing the dick-waving "IQ" bit so I'll mostly pass on that. But do let me know when your circle of friends includes Nobel winning physicists and you have pointed out some logic errors to them in papers that they were writing.

Oh and just to annoy you a little bit SB... My stepson is gay and both his mother and myself have told him he needs to quit enjoying being a twink so much and settle down with a nice guy or two.
Sep 30, 2014 Romial commented on Savage Love.
@11 It hit alt.torture before getting used over in Being on the receiving end of people trying to make me go squick made me really wonder about whether I was a total sociopath or merely somewhat of a sociopath with a high tolerance of full fledged sociopaths. For various reasons I came to the conclusion that I was (and remain) merely a person with sociopathic tendencies along with a high tolerance of full fledged sociopaths (as in I can think of uses for them).
Trust me when I say very few people would enjoy being able to read my mind, not even the sociopaths. Oh and no one has ever been able to make me go squick.