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I am brutal in so many ways.

Mar 25, 2014 TopherBook commented on How Does It Sound?.
Well said. Henceforth I shall never ask this question from stage.
Jun 21, 2012 TopherBook commented on Band Names That Double As Ways I Would Like to Die.
I totally owned a Die Happy cassette tape in Jr. High.
Jun 1, 2012 TopherBook commented on What Are You Listening To Right Now?.
Anathallo? Definitely not happytime music. This morning was all ska: Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats!, etc. – excellent cheer-you-up music. At the moment: my own band, Teen Arts. (Narcissism!) Up next: MF DOOM's "Born Like This". A fun music day indeed.
Feb 26, 2012 TopherBook commented on Viva Las Vegas: Guess The Musician, Part I.
Michael Jackson and Alanis Morisette! What do I win?!
Feb 24, 2012 TopherBook commented on Fuck It, It's Friday: Let's Listen to the Aquabats All Day (Because We Don't Care What People Think)..
Uh. People other than me like The Aquabats!? In Seattle, no less! "What does it matter? Anti-matter!"
Jan 15, 2012 TopherBook commented on What Are You Listening to While It Snows Outside?.
Van Halen. "Women and Children First," then "1984." Possibly related: this snow seems to have a rocking, screeching, overtly sexual way about it.
Jan 13, 2012 TopherBook commented on What Do You Do About Noisy Neighbors?.
In college, our neighbors kept my roommate up all night with some crazy party. He (stupidly) left them an angry note. They returned the note, scribbled out, and with a threat that if we had a problem with them "we can get physical." So we promptly cranked the stereo and played Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" for a while.

In the end, someone else called the cops on them a week or two later. They came pleading to us to not do that again, and we happily told them it wasn't us. Looks like we're not the only ones who were sick of their douche-y antics.
Oct 10, 2011 TopherBook commented on Victoria Liss VS. the Receipt Creep: Capitol Hill Debacle.
Wow, there are some petty, mean-spirited commenters on here. No sympathy for someone who was wronged simply because they work at a "hipster bar"? That note on the receipt is not a slap in the face to this girl, regardless of her body type? You guys must be a blast at parties.
Sep 14, 2011 TopherBook commented on Name This Band: Special Head & Shoulders Edition!.
Head Scabs for Cutie