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Dec 4, 2012 Admiral Obvious commented on Savage Love.
Dan isn't saying that poly isn't an *identity,* but that it's not an orientation. He isn't denying that poly people exist at all.
Jul 11, 2011 Admiral Obvious joined My Stranger Face
Jul 11, 2011 Admiral Obvious commented on Hey, Monogamists: What Would You Tell This Guy?.
I'm not a strict monogamist (although I'd never cheat on my wife even if she couldn't fuck me--but that's because sex isn't a dealbreaker for me, not because I feel qualified to judge anybody for wanting it) but I think this guy deserves more of the blame than Savage or commenters have allowed. He's been letting this situation go on for years because he is afraid to confront his wife about the sex issue, or divorce her if that's really what's in everybody's best interests. He's not doing her any favors by avoiding the confrontation. Sure, she's not making it easy for him. But marriage is a two-way street. So long as you're stuck thinking "look what you made me do" you're never going to ask important questions about the only thing you have control over: your own behavior. This guy needs to ask himself, "what if my wife really won't let me have sex with her or elsewhere?" and if he's willing to stay in the marriage if that's the case. If he can't live with her saying "you can't fuck me or anyone" he knows what to do. Dump The Poor Sick Non-Fucker Already.

-Admiral Obvious, third degree