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Jul 13, 2011 BillyHoyle joined My Stranger Face
Jul 13, 2011 BillyHoyle commented on Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves.
I do like some of these ideas. Sadly some of these sound rather high-minded and not entirely thought through.

From what I have read I mainly have one response. You clearly have not worked in professional theatre or the entertainment business... or maybe you did and where bad at it. My undergrad professors all had long lists of achievements and still currently work on high profile endeavors. I have run into very few has-beens. I also went there to learn from them and well... I find if someone has been doing something for 40 years they probably know a thing or two. People with degrees in Theatre are doing far better than the business majors who currently fill our Starbucks orders.

Also I have seen shows produced with no money and no time and a short run to boot. It does not go over well. When I go see a show that is performed by Equity actors and has well trained stagehands then the quality tends to be higher. When the show has all of it's lines and no feedback and lighting that isn't just on and off with no color... I can enjoy the show.

As for new works. I love them, I wish it was all I could do as a designer or technician. Sadly there are very few theatres that I know of that do well just doing new works... actually please post one... just one that can afford to pay the electric bill... and I may reconsider. People like to see the same garbage. How many movies have the same plot? How many pop songs are repetitive? People actually tend to dislike the unfamiliar.

Looking for ways to improve the theatre is great. Claiming things like unions, education, and plays that everyone loves seeing (take a child to see Peter Pan done by a good company and tell me some classics aren't worth doing)does not seem like you are thinking it all through.

Makes a damn good living with talent and quickly disappearing debt.