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Apr 4, 2012 markzurich commented on Savage Love.
i've never tried meth so i'm not in a position to judge, but i live in europe where many health professionals agree that the danger in hard drug use lies primarily in composition.
i do believe omu may just be a recreational user and never become addicted, but the risk in accidentally taking something that may be lethal because it's cut with poison is too great.
and yes, there is no comparison between pot and meth. pot is naturally grown and meth is synthetic. if you need to stay awake for exams omu, i would suggest brewing a strong pot of coffee.
Jan 5, 2012 markzurich commented on Savage Love.
That's all good and well, and more power to you if you're happy, but there are many of us, gay and straight, who value our monogamy. We find comfort in having a stable relationship without bringing someone else's motivations, issues and expectations into the equation. Being monogamous doesn't have to be a struggle or a sacrifice; it's just a way of life. It's an understanding that in fact, there may be someone "better" in some alternate universe, but we prefer to live in the here and now and love one person unconditionally and uncomprimisingly.
Jul 14, 2011 markzurich joined My Stranger Face
Jul 14, 2011 markzurich commented on I, Anonymous.
refuckin'lax. did you relapse into a week-long binge and wake up in a ditch? give your friend a break, although i don't think he deserves a friend like you.