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Jul 18, 2011 Davis Samuels commented on An Apology.
@259/260: I'm sorry your son decided to become a tool of American oppression. I made a similar decision when I was young and foolish, so I truly do sympathize. However, your son made an adult decision of his own free will. As such, he is fully responsible for what he is participating in over there. We are not the good guys. Nor is your son. I'm sure it doesn't fill you with joy to hear that, but cold hard truth rarely does.

If your son is fortunate enough to make it home, I hope his experiences will inspire him to instill more wisdom in his children than was instilled in him by his parents, or in me by mine.
Jul 17, 2011 Davis Samuels commented on An Apology.
@238, I found the term on urbandictionary. Let me guess, you insist on being called a "progressive" rather than a liberal, right? Most mealy-mouthed non-committal half-libs do.

Let me spell out to you exactly how I feel about this. No, I don't love America. We are the evil empire now, and probably always have been. Our so-called "democracy" is a joke based on media-driven popularity contests more than the welfare of the people.

Speaking of the American people, I have no particular love for them either. Most are obese, ignorant, flag-waving, gun-f**king sheep who wouldn't know what's in their best interest if you punched them in the face with it. Those who aren't, for the most part, agree with me even if they wouldn't say so in public.

As for the troops... I mean seriously? How could any moral-minded person support them in clear conscience? When you watch Star Wars do you hope the stormtroopers make it out okay? Explain the difference between American stormtroopers and Imperial stormtroopers and I'll grant you the point. (Granted, ours appear to have better aim.)

Now to the big one... 9/11. We've been aiding, abetting, and perpetrating the oppression and slaughter of Arabs for decades, under every type of administration including the current one. They don't have the means to strike back against purely military targets, we've made sure of that. They fight back in the only way they know how, and we call that an act of evil? Are you serious? The courage it must have taken those men, all of whom had families and lives of their own back home, to sacrifice themselves for such a cause... it's astonishing. And as for the dead, the vast majority of them were either Americans or Israelis. That sounds like far more precise targeting than the US is known for.

@236, thank you for your support. It's good to know there are still some of us out there who are willing to speak truth to the weak.
Jul 17, 2011 Davis Samuels commented on An Apology.
@238, I'm not familiar with that term. Could you explain, please?
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Jul 17, 2011 Davis Samuels commented on An Apology.
Why should you apologize, Dan? Any true liberal should feel that way. I'm tired of pretending I love America or Americans, I'm tired of pretending I support the troops, I'm tired of pretending 9/11 wasn't an incredible act of tremendous heroism. I'm tired of apologizing for being a liberal, and I'm not going to do it anymore.