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Jul 17, 2011 RichardD joined My Stranger Face
Jul 17, 2011 RichardD commented on An Apology.
Hi Dan---
Yes, I was disappointed with that remark as I just got into It Gets Better, and hence you, in the last ~month. I've watched the video of you and Terry's visit at Google RE IGB through in entirety twice---when I think about IGB, watch you describe it, and see/feel you break with emotion for the bullied kids and for the lives saved thru IGB so far, that to me is the real heart-felt, amazing, life-transforming type of positive influence Dan Savage has and CAN CONTINUE TO HAVE moving forward. So apology accepted of course, but, in penance, consider watching yourself on that Google visit video again (on IGB site) because in the future, I'm holding you (sidenote to Terry: please also do this) to that "IGB standard"!!
heart heart heart Dan+Terry's IGB Project!!!
---Richard D, Redwood City, CA