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Jun 10, 2013 jackieoh1 commented on Dispatch from Istanbul: Disruption Is the New Normal.
but you are the supreme ruler of the universe! if you don't know who to root for, who does?!

i predominantly root for protesters - i hope that's ok, me lord.
Mar 20, 2013 jackieoh1 commented on Art House.
i hope this comes to the state theatre in Traverse City!!
Nov 16, 2012 jackieoh1 commented on The Husband of the Woman the General Fucked.
this post is so police-beat-ian in its tone. loved that movie, charles.
Oct 3, 2012 jackieoh1 commented on What Do You Think of the Lone Ranger Trailer?.
i guess we know what the disney ride will be like...
Sep 4, 2012 jackieoh1 commented on King Khan But Mostly the Shrines.
hi kelly o - from the "older couple" ... we also migrated to THEESatisfaction, apparently much sooner than you (ya poor kid). it ain't an all-ages show til we show up!!
Sep 8, 2011 jackieoh1 commented on High-End Freetail.
@2.. "juddering." omnomonopeic.
Aug 24, 2011 jackieoh1 commented on I Woke Up at 4 AM With This Song Stuck In My Head and I Couldn't Fall Back to Sleep.
all i have to say to these comments is...

"midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed..."
Jul 29, 2011 jackieoh1 commented on While You Were Out.
dan - i suppose it's good to be denounced... the opposition may have a point, however, only in that you might need to reign it in a little. just a little, b/c you're 99.9% on point - with your column, It Gets Better, your political statements on national TV - everything. so - ok, lesson learned.

the way to conquer the recent snafu, perhaps, is to capitalize on it? like, hey, it's pretty hard to be tolerant toward a political group that wishes to enact institutional means to make sure you're nonexistent; the frustration came out, etc.... who doesn't understand that, except for the radicals who don't understand it today? i hope you're able to get out there and in front of it, because you are such a clear, articulate, powerful force!!!
Jul 18, 2011 jackieoh1 joined My Stranger Face