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Jul 21, 2011 smilinbob joined My Stranger Face
Jul 21, 2011 smilinbob commented on Fuck the South.
As a Southern guy, I say thanks for this post. Because I love the fact that we piss you off so much. We don't give a damn what you think about us, nor have we ever, why should I lose sleep that a turd hates me? In that we pissed you off, gives many of us a great deal of joy. I could only hope that we continue in our excellence and bring forth many more acts that piss off douche bags such as yourself. We don't need the north and we already tried to detach from the turd that is the north one time. But shit sticks. My only regret is that there are a few northerners I don't want to insult because not all of them have that "hate south" attitude. To them I apologize beforehand.