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Dec 5, 2012 DutchButch commented on Savage Love.
The third letter sounds like someone who's been in jail, had someone get him/her get off or the other way around.
Now thinks this 'having no choice BUT because being in jail' doesn't mean anything.
Well it does. It means that there is this HUGE HUGE HUGE gray area when it comes to sexuality.
The Homo/Bi/Hetero is indeed one spectrum. These are fairly commonly recognized identities in that ONE spectrum.

Yes, getting yourself off in jail or a submarine (or wherever it is you are or imagine yourself to be) is in that same spectrum.
Go figure.
Jan 13, 2012 DutchButch commented on Savage Love.
Ah, the fresh breath of true RAGE, which lives inside me and flares up whenever I read a story about kids killing themselves, like Eric James Borges (http://tinyurl.com/7s3h5fp).

I thank you Dan, for giving such an eloquent and powerful voice to that rage.
Dec 22, 2011 DutchButch commented on Savage Love.
Argh, I'm so frustrated. I can't figure out how to respond to specific posts!
Like the ones focusing on pregnancies and/or fetuses.
Never once do I see the term like Syphilis, or Gonorrhea, or any other STD.
I tell ya, I'm SICK of those who care about fetuses as if they're people. SICK SICK SICK.
A fetus is like the chicken you have for dinner.
(An entirely inappropriate comment, but THINK for a second. THINK!)
Dec 22, 2011 DutchButch commented on Savage Love.
I tell ya - all the anguish and bs straight and bi women go through.
Call me jaded, but as a full blooded Lesbian I'd say that if you have unprotected sex with men you open yourself up to STDs and pregnancy.
Is that so fucking hard to understand????
At the same time, MEN: when you have unprotected sex with a woman you risk Pregnancy and STDs. Are you ready for an 18-year commitment to raise a child??? Or pay for it??

Please, people, THINK before you come!!
Dec 22, 2011 DutchButch commented on Savage Love.
And this friend only fucks the two of you.
You got pregnant? Better do a DNA test. And make the 'father' own up and pay. For the life of a child.
Or for an abortion.
If you don't want to get pregnant - protect yourself and insist the guys do too.
Tell them - I don't use birth control. Do you?

Stop being stupid.
Jul 21, 2011 DutchButch joined My Stranger Face