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2:44 AM Wandering Stars commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Do Trump-Voting Hillbillies Deserve Sympathy?.
Dan Savage is an idiot.

I say that because he has zero interest in listening to counter-arguments from Rich or Eli. Her has completely shut down any discussion here. In his mind, the internal discussions on the Left have nothing to do with winning any future elections. He'd rather lose them all.

This reminds me of an argument I had with my sister once where her only response to the points I made was "Because I'm right." It didnt really matter what the topic was to her- she simply declared victory, because anyone disagreeing with her is automatically wrong by definition. Incidentally, she's a Trump fan- looks like Dan has a few things in common with that crowd.

This amazes me. Elections in the US arent decided by refusing to budge from your positions. Theyre won by convincing others in a variety of states (including largely rural ones) to agree with you. And nobody is going to listen to some asshole that tells them theyre idiots and ought to be left for dead. The marginal voters inboxed those states- there are not enough of them to carry the whole goddamn stat, which is what you have to do in a winner take all system. Listen, Dan- you go ahead and whip up the 30% of Wyoming voters who voted for Hillary and dump the entire Democratic Party campaign warchest into that effort. Go ahead. You'll be flat fucking broke and still lose the goddamn election, because 30 % doesn't win anything. 51% does. And you need that 51% in places like the Midwest, where the states have a high number of electoral college votes.

During the primaries, Clinton said Bernie couldn't win because she said he was bad at math- the superdelegate count just didnt add up. We heard that shit form Dan and Rachel Maddow, everyone in the pro-Wall Street camp. Well, you suck at math even worse, because you cant add up electoral college votes.
5:29 PM yesterday Wandering Stars commented on London's Muslim Mayor Wants to Ban Cars From Schools.

Sadiq Khan is actually a very good mayor. Making a point of his religion serves to prove that not all Muslims are terrorists.

Now, to Charles' losing statement. Yes, this si true. However, we sew patterns of cars into children's pajamas. We do not sew patterns of terrorist bombers into their pajamas. If we did, story time would get really really weird.
2:30 PM yesterday Wandering Stars commented on HUMP! 2017 Call For Submissions!.
HUMP! should do something new and inventive this year- live action porn. Set it up like a Theatre in the Round type thing, where the actors come out on stage and fuck while the audience watches the whole thing live.
2:27 PM yesterday Wandering Stars commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
Life is so horrible in Texas, Texans are ecstatic to go to prison, where they can be safely walled off from the rest of that godforsaken shithole.
2:24 PM yesterday Wandering Stars commented on Four Reported Dead, 20 Injured in London Attack.
Regardless of who did this or why, I wish to extend my condolences to those whose loved ones were injured or killed in this attack.
Mar 19 Wandering Stars commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Trumpcare, Trump Taxes, and the Free Speech Fight at Middlebury.
On the next Blabbermouth, I'd like to hear some discussion of the showdown in the UK between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May over a new referendum on Scottish independence. The stated motivation is Brexit. Scotland wants to say in the EU, and England wants to leave, so Scotland wants a vote on whether it should DTMFA England and hook up with Brussels. Shit is escalating over there kinda quickly. I know it seems like a world away, and we've got our own mess to deal with thanks to Trump. There's also something in common with us, though. Scottish Independence is kinda where I could see the whole Cascadia thing go in a few decades if the GOP keeps shifting the rest of the country's Overton Window to the Far Right while the Pac NW stays Solidly Left.

Besides, it'd be a refreshing break from our own depressing shit. Its nice to look at the rest of the world once in a while and see the bigger picture. Don't forget South Korea, too.