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Apr 4, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamous Week, Day 3.
Whether it's banging 7-gram rocks or 7-inch cocks, I don't think mine is a personality that can simply look back on a pleasurable experience and say, "welllp, I'm good." I have a (cough) wee bit of an obsessive personality. I had completely, intentional monogamous relationships . . . but I was a virgin.
Apr 4, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamous Week, Day 3.
My square, Mormon, virgins-at-marriage friends seem to be doing A-OK with monogamy. Once I jumped off that bandwagon, not engaging in affairs (fully disclosed, and only when my A-relationship is long distance) was not a realistic option. I think I could have been monogamous had I only had one sexual partner, as expected, but now I've discovered a taste for variety. It's disingenuous to say that there are no comparisons. I don't understand wanting to have free reign and then give up a freedom. I never want to have done drugs, so I don't do them. Seems like the best option for not experiencing other cocks. Isn't marriage itself pretty damned square these days? (Unless you're gay, then it's chic.)
Apr 4, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamous Week, Day 2.

It's Tolstoy; opening line of Anna Karenina.
Apr 1, 2012 Portia27 commented on What Was That, Rick?.
It actually does sound like Government-Nik to me. I don't know that this morpheme is that productive nowadays; it's mathematically impossible he'll get the nom anyway.
Apr 1, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Getting Your Girlfriend To Let You Go Down On Her—A Holistic Approach.
I am very sensitive and orgasm easily; oral is in a very uncool place between "tickling" and "hurt." Fingers, cock, a pillow: yes. Mouth: yuck.
Mar 5, 2012 Portia27 commented on Guess What State This Band Lives In!!!.
We Utahns are much fairer-skinned and bluer-eyed. And ginger. We're swarming with gingers here. Also, I don't see a single grown man in an Aero shirt. No fucking way these are Utah boys.
Mar 5, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Wanting Kids—Your Own, Someone Else's—Doesn't Make Someone an Asshole.
In my current state (Utah), the men seem to fall into one of two very extreme camps: "Make babies NOW NOW NOW!" or "Hells to the no: I don't belieeeeve in your bourgeois concepts of 'marriage' or 'reproduction.' How quaint."

I feel like I'd like to raise a child or two someday: I'd be very open to adopting older children from foster care, etc. Quite frankly, I feel like the religious nutjobs are outbreeding the areligious, sane, scientifically-minded among us, but "let's create a genetic/cultural legacy together since there's no afterlife anyway!" doesn't seem to be working as a pickup line. ;)

I work with kids aged 9 to 18 every day and they are uniformly charming, funny, and eager to learn (and never yell at you, act like a demanding diva-bitch, or whine about museum tour audio guides the way the more advanced in years have at past jobs of mine). However, neither I nor my mother have ever been that big on infants, and I totally get a "meh" reaction.
Feb 5, 2012 Portia27 commented on What Cancer Is, What Cancer Is Not.
The whole ugly imbroglio will likely not give my mother (dying of cancer, so chic, I know) one more day . . . the R&D "valley of death" in this country is shameful.
Feb 5, 2012 Portia27 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Convention Wisdom.
to the 5'1", 125-er: your height and weight are within the "normal" range of BMI, so I hardly think you qualify as chubby.
Feb 5, 2012 Portia27 commented on Maher Un-Mormon-Baptizes Mitt Romney's Non-Believing Father-in-Law.
I suspect I am the only commenter to have actually participated in Mormon "baptisms for the dead," and I LOVED this segment. It is hard enough to actually ensure your relatives' dying wishes are honored (for instance, my great-grandmother did not want to be "sealed" to her first husband, and my grandma wants to stay "sealed" to her first husband who divorced her and left her . . . yup, it's complicated. I know a lot about genealogical research, and trust me, the LDS Church has insanely good resources; records that any local historical society would kill for. But it's all for their mass baptisms (and endowments, and marriage sealings . . . baptisms are fairly benign and nice, but the others are goddamned FREAKY!!). We Mormons would take a book of names, say, all the Robinses from Impossiblewatamie, Massachussetts, and baptize 'em all. I feel like all these woman-hours could be put to SO much better use, like digitization of records, etc. . . .

At least Mr. Davies got to see his daughter married before her closed-doors "sealing," a privilege that no non-tithe-paying would get today. I will not see ANY of my siblings or best friends or brothers- and sisters-in-law get married, because I am not willing to get a "temple recommend," and it fucking kills me. I hate it, that they want you to "wait outside" like you're a middle school kid in suspension. Every other Westernized country (practically) requires a PUBLIC WEDDING. Ban private, closed-doors, religious zealot weddings, and mandate a civil wedding with government benefits be solemnized FIRST by a J. P. and then go dance naked in the forest for all I care.If you want to be married in the eyes of Cthulhu, fine, but if you want the U.S. to recognize your marriage, I guess you will have to let your own sister be present at a non-creepster wedding that will cost me a cool 10% of my wages. < hate >