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Nov 21 nikoniko commented on Donald Trump Is Still Squeezing Out Pouty Tweets Between Cabinet Appointments.
Trump actually hasn't won the electoral college yet, the electoral college does not vote until December.
Sep 30 nikoniko commented on Trump's Worst Week Ever.
You missed the part where the Washington Post broke that the Trump Foundation doesn't even have the certification to accept donations! So on top of having a University that isn't a University, he has a Foundation that isn't even a Foundation!
Sep 2 nikoniko commented on In the Interest of the Public, the City of Seattle Must Operate the Monorail.
Hear, hear! When I started working in Queen Anne I was floored to find that there was no way for me to use my orca card to get over to the link and the bus tunnel, and worse that it's cash only! I never ended up using it since it would be such a hassle.
Aug 12 nikoniko commented on ST3 Supporters to Reuven Carlyle: We Can Fund Education and Transit.
Reuven Carlyle found money for Boeing's tax breaks. And yet did not find the money to satisfy McCleary's case of underfunding education. How is this Seattle's or ST3's problem?…
Aug 10 nikoniko commented on Amuse-Bouche: So, What Was Malia Obama Smoking at Lollapalooza?.
Yeah, Stranger & Twitter, what are you? Some sort of narc?
Jun 21 nikoniko commented on After Desiree McCloud's Death, Bike Advocates Demand Changes Near Streetcar Tracks.
Let's make the tracks safer, yes, but let's not get rid of streetcars! This city needs more transit, not less, and streetcars don't disappear during a budget crisis like buses do. Let's focus on improving bike lanes and signage rather that demonizing mass transit when we desperately need more!
Jan 11 nikoniko commented on "They" Wins! American Dialect Society Announces 2015 Word of the Year.
🍆 was the first emoji I ever used.
Dec 17, 2015 nikoniko commented on Can We Talk, Bernie Sanders Supporters?.
Hillary looked this inevitable this time in 2008 as well, just in case you forgot
Nov 17, 2015 nikoniko commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: An Easy Call for a Former Call Girl.
This is an abusive relationship. This is what emotional abuse looks like. Even if you can get him to lay off the sanctimony about your sex work, he's going to come up with a new reason that you're a terrible human being. The comments directed at making you feel shameful are not a temporary setback on the road called love, the proclamations of love two months in were what was temporary, and designed to justify isolating you with him.
I'm sure there is something that you feel you owe him, or maybe you just fear being alone, but I can assure you that you don't owe this asshole shit. Not money, not a place to live, not your understanding of that he is just it a really weird place right now...
People like to say there are plenty of fish in the sea, and there are, but when you are getting out of an abusive relationship I think it's better to think about all of the better things about being single. You get the whole bed, pick your music, hangout with friends and family you haven't seen in a while, not have to check in with anyone before you make plans. Because you are going to need some time to unpack the bullshit before you are ready for relationships again. And if you can do that you have a much greater chance picking a good one and building a healthy relationship in the future! Good luck! DTMFA!
Sep 21, 2015 nikoniko commented on The Department of Ecology Has Started Figuring Out How to Cap Carbon Emissions Because the State Legislature Couldn't.
I'm all for the idea that if the legislature won't pass a carrot and the stick method, that big polluters will only get the stick.