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Aug 17, 2011 BiggerPicture commented on More Anger from the Classen Party.
I don't believe for a moment that Bobby can beat Jean. Classen was the strongest shot for that.

Stranger, you wish shall be granted: 4 more years with an 80-year old council member who has no interest or anything in common with a Seattle has become younger.
Jul 27, 2011 BiggerPicture commented on Endorsements.
Of the endorsement meetings I have attended, it hardly seems like Bobby Forch has been able to articulate real solutions to City issues while Classen has been able to put the detail behind his ideas and given people a clear vision for where he'd like our city to go.

I am not supporting Mr.Forch because I don't believe we need anymore meandering minds on the City Council, we already have Jean for that. I will clearly be voting for Classen with his ideas.

And I'd say the SECB being "pissed off" on Classen's stance on paid sick leave, I am not sure what there is to be pissed off about. Mr. Forch "supports in principle" while Classen clearly said yesterday that if he were voting, he would do what was necessary to make it happen, whether it is voting for it on the Council or it is working with a broader group to get these votes and make it happen.

Its pretty clear to me this Position 1 endorsement is not as well-thought out as some of the others.
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Jul 27, 2011 BiggerPicture commented on Endorsements.
Last time I checked, Bobby Forch wasn't providing any actual details on any of the plans he would like to implement while Classen has provided detailed solutions on critical issues. Forch's answers have not been nearly as strong as Classen's in all of the forums I have attended.

And citing Classen's "stance on a proposal mandating paid sick days for everyone employed in Seattle that really pissed the SECB off." He has supported this from the beginning and even said yesterday that he would vote for paid sick leave or consider other opportunities to secure the necessary votes on KUOW.

It seems clear to me that this Position 1 endorsement hasn't been thought through well-enough.