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Jan 28, 2016 PapaKipChee commented on Freaking Out About the Zika Virus Yet?.
It's already in Alberta, Canada......…

Dec 9, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on A Note on this Morning's Awesome Thunder.
Probably shouldn't be happening in that climate region (historically). But I guess history is out the window at this point. I grew up in Texas and remember more than my share of "Holy Fuck! We're all gonna die storms" growing up. Grab your helmets everybody and strap in!
Nov 16, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on Morning News: More Rain and Wind and Power Outages on the Way. Plus a Seahawks Loss. Also, We're Bombing ISIS..
Yogurt is probably one of the last things in your fridge to spoil. It probably won't really spoil at all, just continue fermenting, pulling the pH down as the bacteria consume the sugars. The package may swell a bit, but the end product will still likely be edible, just a bit more tart.
Nov 10, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on What's Wrong with This Picture?.
Potential high rent basement/ground level condo space underneath? !
Oct 8, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on The Morning News: Everything You Need to Know About the Bruce Harrell Endorsement Drama and Seattle's Endangered Soul.
@1, 13 story CLT construction going up in Quebec City and 18 story Vancouver, BC project recently approved too
Aug 17, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on Required Viewing: John Oliver Reminds Us That Televangelists Still Exist, Forms His Own Church, Dares IRS to Shut Him Down.
"I smell heaven's bakery cookin' up something good for you sister!" It's been a long time since I last watched those Tilden videos - god bless the farting preacher! Classic
Aug 14, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on Elvis Owned an M-16.
Man, I remember my mom picking me up from day care and crying and hugging with the woman who owned the day care. I thought one of my grandparents had died, or another family member. Then I was like, "Elvis..?, oh, ummm okay. Can we get ice cream on the way home?".

The medical examiner's statement at the end was touching in that regard.
Jun 26, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on Peeping Tom Catches Bobby Jindal Announcing His Run For the White House.
Was expecting some festive zydeco backing music to go with the treehouse camera pesrpective, and there's not even red beans & rice and crawfish boil on the table... Fail!
Jun 24, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee Loses Its Confederate Flag.
Maybe the horn should play the Yankee Doodle song, and they can call the car General Grant. Don't mess with the Waylon Jennings theme song though!
Jun 23, 2015 PapaKipChee commented on Police Who Held Dylann Roof Allegedly Got Him Some Burger King.
I might be persuaded to cooperate if threatened with having to ingest Burger King.