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Dec 21 PapaKipChee commented on Scene and Heard.
OMG, OMG, OMG! Magma?! I think I'm hyperventilating..!

This just made all my other bad news disappear.
Sep 20 PapaKipChee commented on Shift Drink.
Best joke ever heard in Smoke Shop:

What's the worst thing about being an atheist? There's no one to scream to when you're having sex!

This was heard at around 2 in the afternoon one day. The female senior who told it was waiting for her cab home, too pissed to drive.

Love that place. Cheers to cheap canned beer with a side of whiskey, and cheers to Darlene!
Aug 8 PapaKipChee commented on The First of Several Gun-Background-Check Ads That Are Coming to Washington.
True 'criminals' will still get guns, and I wouldn't think they would be likely to the local gun shop and bother with paperwork anyway. They use them for a hold up, to shoot other criminals, etc... It's the people without criminal records, let's say the guy down the street, with a gun in his vehicle. Maybe his road rage gets out of control one day after he loses his job and his girlfriend dumps him... It's that unstable individual, who may not have a criminal record, who may otherwise be a coward; this is the guy I'm worried about.

Seems criminals are a bit more focused in their targets (could be wrong here), they don't seem to be the ones walking down the street with assault rifles shooting whatever moves, or storming into movie theaters and schools and randomly slaughtering people.
Jul 25 PapaKipChee commented on Canadian Music Festival Bans Aboriginal Headdresses.
ugh...guess that means I'm gonna have to dig out my Cap'n Crunch hat.
Jul 16 PapaKipChee commented on It Ain't Too Early For Part One of 2014's Top 10.
That Tin House made my morning!
Jun 5 PapaKipChee commented on Shooting at Seattle Pacific University; Multiple Victims, No Fatalities, Two Suspects in Custody.
@8 arrrgh, he's a trollin'. Hoping all victims rebound lively, unbroken and stronger!
Apr 22 PapaKipChee commented on Why Did You Do This To Us, Avril Lavigne?.
Made it 6 seconds...what a gawd-awful piece of dung. But hey, art is only one letter short of fart.
Apr 2 PapaKipChee commented on Isaac Hayes' Shaft Enters Library of Congress.
I can dig it... Shaft was a complicated man and the song is deserving of entry into the US Library of Congress.

Though it was 15 or so years before my time, I grew up listening to that Shaft album (Do Your Thing is such a great piece of work); and also Isaac Hayes - Live at Sahara Tahoe. Great stuff!
Jan 29 PapaKipChee commented on What Do You Think About Bourbon-Flavored Beer?.
Another product launch from an out of touch beverage conglomerate, doomed to fail.
Jan 27 PapaKipChee commented on Which Seattle Bars Are Having Super Bowl Parties?.
@9 - Hilliard's Brewing in Ballard is showing the game, dog & kid friendly. Featuring their '12th Can' beer.

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