Oct 27, 2016 Nemo commented on Walkinshaw vs. Jayapal: 7th District Race Heats Up (Also: Why I'm Ignoring the SECB and Voting Walkinshaw).
Not one person brought up who Jaypal was also seeing in NYC and got campaign donations from: The Indian Government. Funny, I never realized they lived in her adopted district.
Aug 17, 2016 Nemo commented on Guest Editorial: What Reuven Carlyle Got Wrong in His Critique of ST3.
"...This historic investment delivers thousands of jobs...."

Temporary constuction work

"...efficient modes of connectivity...."

Only if you live near a station and you are going primarily North/South, Bellevue nothwithstanding.

"...land for affordable housing and mixed-use development near transit...."

That is the upzones that have proven anything but affordable, in fact more expensive

"...and relief on our congested roads for those who sit in traffic or breathe its caustic fumes...."

Totally false. Anyone who claims this will relieve congestion has been breathing those funes too long.
This is an alterative at best for some, not a solution to anything really. And too much for too little with a ridiculously long ultra regressive financial burden and timeline, during which nothing is guaranteed, because these are Plans, not actual projects.

Stick to to things you actually have some knowledge of before you try to critique someone who has direct experience with it.
Jun 13, 2015 Nemo commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
@46, No Catalina, The state does not treat Seattle and the PUD's as essentially the same for these purposes. I have been involved with these issues for a long time, and this is often brought up. The restrictions on PUD's regarding Muni BB do not apply to Seattle. Seattle is a self-regulating utility, with minimal responsibllities to the state PUC.

You might want to check the actual statute and contact the State Public Utility Commission yourself. There is a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of incorrect assumptions, and a lot of people who don't see the big picture and can can't see past the end of their nose, as demonstrated with some of the posts in this thread.
Jun 10, 2015 Nemo commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
@38 No, there are no such restrictions on the City of Seattle. They are not a PUD. PUD's cannot be ISP's because ALEC got restriction that through the State Legislature. But they can be wholesalers, which is what Grant County PUD is. They own the infrasturcture and maintain it, and lease out the services to private ISP's. It's something Seattle also COULD have done more easily if they had not decided to lease out all their dark fiber for private corporate use.
Jun 10, 2015 Nemo commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
@34 You fail to realize that the tech companies you speak of have their own internet resources --They don't need or use Comcast. There are others who cater to them exclusively. This is about the rest of us and small business who actually employ more people in total. Economic development is not a monolitic endeavor.
Jun 10, 2015 Nemo commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
@20 I would love to hear how "delighted" you are when you end up paying $170 instead of $75 for a 1 GB connection, with no options for a lower tier from that.
Jun 10, 2015 Nemo commented on City Officials Reject Creating a Municipal Broadband Network to Compete with Comcast.
As others mentioned, this was not exactly an objectively unfavorable report. There were other viable options in the report, as well as option left out, but no one of course at the city mentions them. The got the cover they needed after they gave the ISP incumbents what they wanted. It seems clear from their comments in the media, that the Mayor's office and high level staff is not committed to Muni BB as the only real competition to ISP incumbents in the City of Seattle. The risks here are actually overstated, and anyone who reads that report in it's entirely and has been paying close attention to this for longer than the current city administration should understand how the market is evolving to dramatically reduce that risk. Muni Broadband was only dangled as a weak threat to leverage the negotiations with the incumbents. This was empty rhetoric with was nothing serious to back it up. $180K for a study that they rewrote so they could cherry pick it to sound responsible. Unless the city council steps in in a big way now, and that includes any of the current candidates after the election, it's as good as dead, again in this city. Bow to your ISP oligopoly overloards...

What the city is also not telling you, is we lost a lower cost option to use the City's dark fiber because of McGinn's and the Councils approval to lease all the excess to private corporations for their exclusive use. We have a mayor who does not bat an eyelash at a 900 million plus transporation levy, a record high Parks levy with no accountablity, and who designates his department heads to take the flack for his own incompetence, pandering, and fear.

That no one can bring themsleves to devote up to 50 percent of bonding capacity and make serious efforts for state and federal economic development federal grants in lieu of direct taxation for someting that has a cost benefit far beyond that is classic neoliberalism. This is not really all about the money. This is course disguised as prudent caution and playing the role of the "serious" admistrator on this issue. They are all amaeturs. We have a bunch of feckless, dullard, uncreative servants of the incumbent ISP's masquarading as serious people. This is the Nickles administration all over again.

Speak up Mayor Murray, and prove me wrong.
Feb 1, 2015 Nemo commented on It's Time for Seattle to Become a Gigabit City.
It will not cost $800 million for a Muni BB FTTH or FTTN network. That was loosely based upon a study in 2005. Much has changed since then. Both in tech and in financing options.

Current napkin estimates are around half that. And it could be even less. Hope the report due in April includes cost estimates.
Oct 29, 2014 Nemo commented on I, Anonymous.
I agree with #5 random expat that there is likely more to the story here.

Dogs don't attack other dogs like that when they are properly socialized and trained. Assuming the Shepard's owner had it on a leash, the assumption is also that the owner can control it and pull the shepard back and command it to stop when it made it's first lunge. Most socialized dogs may give a growl or other warning first if not comfortable, and that gives the owner plenty of time to withdraw. The non-attacking dog knows is not wanted, and usually withdraws.

OTOH, The Lab's owner should not trust the neighboorhood to the degree it put the lab at risk in an unfenced yard.
Oct 14, 2014 Nemo commented on Seattle Landlords Are the Weirdest People.
I have rented here for 24 years and was forced to move 3 times in 4 years during the last bubble due to outrageous rent increases (50 percent or more), and condo conversions. Before that, I lived in places in Ballard for 10 and 7 years respectively. They were all family-owned and managed, until they sold out at over inflated prices. Right of first refusal in a condo conversion means nothing in those cases when there are only superficial improvements and the price is not even close to reasonable. Besides, these were was still built as an apartments. Location, location, location.

I finally landed on my feet just at the right time 4 years ago, and found one of the few remaining family owned duplexes in a decent neighborhood (and not the South End). They seem in no hurry to sell, but things certainly are closing in again in the neighborhood.

Another bubble. And this time, it is going to be devastating for this city. Seattle is not as resilient as some want to believe. In fact, they never were. The level of hubris is high, again, and is reflected by some posters here. It is not sustainable.

It is not simply a matter of supply and demand, it is manipulation and lack of intelligent planning and zoning. Generally, Rents have NEVER gone down in the 24 years I have lived here. At best, they plateau. Why? because sitting on an overpriced vacant unit is a tax deduction primarily, and for other reasons to complex to mention here. Those large numbers of new apartments in Ballard that are vacant are not lowering rents. They may offer a month free, or 6 months of parking, but not a lower rent. That's how Seattle and increasingly foreign and out of state "investors" roll.

What #102 leaves out, is that developers are not paying nearly as much here as in other places for the privilege, and those payments they do make are often a lot lower too. That's why they have been concentrating on Seattle for the past 10 years especially. No impact fees. No rent stabilization ordinances.

And the Shoddy construction is very evident in the quads that will not manifest itself fully for about 10 years when they start to become ghettos. Confidence in an unlimited number of high-paying jobs, unplanned growth and density, and people who can pay those rates.

Newsflash: No one is guaranteed a profit, and it is not the job of government to ensure a profit. But that is what has been happening. And that's how it rolls, until people wake up and start demanding something that is actually worth the money and impact fees that can be applied to affordable housing and infrastructure FIRST.
Time to cut through the BS on taxes and fees too. The rate at which rents have risen and continue to rise are far, far above the tax increases and inflation. Development is relatively cheap here. If the profit was not enough, we would not see high end development almost exclusively here.