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A script doctor and typographer writing, dabbling, publishing, and analyzing in Seattle.

Apr 28 Typographer commented on Antigay State Rep Outed by Guy He Was Trying to Pick Up on Grindr.
He's 52 years old, grew up in a very Red State, has never married, has sex with men, but claims to also love women. If he were bi, he would have married some woman to whom he probably never would have revealed his bisexuality until this sort of thing happened.

He's not bi, he's delusional.
Feb 4 Typographer commented on The Morning News: UW President Leaves for Texas, a State That Actually Focuses on Higher Ed.
@24 I made the mistake of making that argument in a room full of parents, who all laughed uproariously at my quaint remembrance of kids not arriving at school until something like 8:00am. Nearly all kids are going to school before sunrise right now.
Oct 28, 2014 Typographer commented on The Associated Press Says the FBI's Fake News "Ploy" Is Unacceptable.
In order for the link to work, the fake Seattle Times site had to be available on the World Wide Web long enough for its location to propagate through all of the Domain Name Servers out there. It was therefore published to the entire world, available to the entire world, available via search to the entire world, and presumably would have downloaded the same spyware onto any computer whose user accidentally came upon it during the length of time they were waiting for the DNS propagation to complete and throughout the time they left it up after sending the link.

So, yes, they published it. And literally violated cyber terrorism laws they're supposed to uphold.
Sep 11, 2014 Typographer commented on RIP: Apple iPod™ "Classic".
It's nowhere near the numbers they used to sell, but Apple still sells in excess of 2 million iPods per quarter (2.9 million in the most recently reported quarter).

Which works out to more Pods sold in the last quarter than Microsoft Surface Pros. Not to mention more iPods in a single day than all of the Fire phones Amazon has managed to sell.

So, sure, they're selling just over 12 iPhones for every iPod, but I'm nut sure that counts as "no one is buying them."
Jun 7, 2014 Typographer commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
Scher's exit is almost enough to tempt me to start listening to KUOW again.

May 19, 2014 Typographer commented on Federal Judge Strikes Down Oregon's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
As far as I know, Mabon was last seen helping enact anti-gay laws in Uganda:…
Apr 24, 2014 Typographer commented on I, Anonymous.
Every life insurance policy I have ever taken out included a notice to the effect that if I assigned anyone other than my legal spouse as the primary beneficiary, the spouse would be notified, and the spouse had to agree.

The notice seemed to imply that if I lied and said I didn't have a legal spouse, or if I acquired a legal spouse after taking out the policy, that said spouse could easily claim the insurance despite my designation.

My suspicion is that the angry widow signed all of those insurance notifications without thinking about it, or she never asked the lawyer that I hope she consulted when the ex sued her, about anything else...
Mar 19, 2014 Typographer commented on Activist Files Ethics Complaint Against Kshama Sawant.
gibe: an insulting or mocking remark.

jibe: to be in accord; to agree.
Dec 19, 2013 Typographer commented on Whether or Not.
Cliff Mass says it will snow, but not until tomorrow. And that the snow will switch over to rain by 1pm tomorrow...

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