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Leishalynn is reading government guidelines.
Dec 4 Leishalynn commented on Jon Stewart on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: "If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more fucking time.".
I like your ideas, @ 7. @ 6, hospital workers are trying to keep people alive, usually. When they kill someone it's a mistake and they are not tried for it. When white cops deliberately kill black men they are obviously doing their job, what @ 1 nailed with the word "lynchings." That's why there's never any punishment: white cops kill black citizens whose legacy is poverty and desperation for breaking laws they had nothing to do with making to protect and serve wealthy whites by making examples of young black men somewhat randomly. It's a terrorism tactic, like the Taliban cutting off people's arms for stealing. There's another one-armed man. There's another white cross. There's another protest. How many more children have to die before the mountain of wealth and resources moves in the direction of those who have always been denied?
Dec 3 Leishalynn commented on Arizona Pastor Finds Biblical Cure for AIDS.
@1 I'm getting the black box, too.

@2 & 9 Looks like plenty of insane street-corner yellers willingly post in its comments; no need for The Stranger to report on every hateful claim made by every person who says things every day.
Nov 25 Leishalynn commented on Killer Mike Holds Forth on Ferguson.
@10 Of course the jury made the right call, the same call any one of us would be forced to make. They had no choice, because what the cop did was legal. And wrong. *That's* what needs to change.
Nov 25 Leishalynn commented on Killer Mike Holds Forth on Ferguson.
@2 Mike Brown was a black robbery suspect who died because he attacked a white cop. *That's* the fuckin problem, #Ferguson, and you're right, we don't accept it.
Nov 25 Leishalynn commented on Killer Mike Holds Forth on Ferguson.
I want the whole concert now.
Nov 25 Leishalynn commented on Faces in the Crowd at Last Night's Ferguson Solidarity March.
What the killer cop did was perfectly legal. That's the problem, #Ferguson.
Nov 24 Leishalynn commented on A Report from the Trial of Two Former Seattle Firefighters Accused of a Hate Crime.
Maybe SFD could hire a female so this wouldn't make sense: "Two Seattle Firefighters and one woman."
Nov 24 Leishalynn commented on What Dog Parks Tell Us About Private Proverty.
Dog parks are fairly peaceful because owners with aggressive dogs know it's a big mistake to take them there. I disagree @10 that if you have a large yard that's enough running-around space for, say, a 50-pound dog, and even if you do have enough running-around space for them, it's good to socialize your puppy to other dogs by taking them to the dog park regularly.
Nov 24 Leishalynn commented on Monty Python Ditty Tops the List of "Funeral Songs" in England.
Patti Smith's "Ghost Dance."

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