Nov 9, 2015 brizone commented on Latest Ballot Drop: Still No Answers in Close City Council Races for West Seattle and Southeast Seattle.
??? Seriously, KC Elections can't even manage to count the few thousand ballots they already HAD for district 1? Looks like Zach Hudgins was truly correct in going after Julie Wise...
Dec 15, 2011 brizone commented on Seattle Police Say Monday's Port Protest Was "Not Peaceful," Release Video of Protesters Throwing Things at Officers.
Why didn't they release the full video? We already know that the SPD modis operandi is to provoke violence, are you really ready to take anything the SPD says at face value? (REALLY?!?)

Are you ready to report what really happened Eli, or just be a stenographer for the SPD?
Aug 3, 2011 brizone commented on Tunnel Budget Reaches Over $6.14 Billion With Interest; Crtics May Sue to Obtain Final Finance Plan.
@Dan: Exactly! They kill a grassroots initiative born out of frustration with feckless (and corruptable) politicians, and then try to hide the ballooning costs of their sweetheart deal for their friends. Incredible.
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