May 24, 2014 kukl commented on Shit Straight Dudes Say to Gay Dudes.
@3 This is 2014, not 1796. No one wants a "handy" unless he is a "dandy" who is "randy" offering "candy".
May 20, 2014 kukl commented on Macklemore Responds to the Costume Controversy.
I think the real disconnect I have is with the idea that there are only two options: that he was 100% aware of what he was doing, and therefore, *intentional*, and 0% aware of what he was doing, and therefore, *innocent*. Have you not seen frat parties? I saw people in college dress up as Native American chiefs, "pimps", cops, even Jonbenet Ramsey. Now, I am not defending his choice at ALL, or his ignorance. I'm just saying this: to assume he spent a lot of time considering his outfit might be an inaccurate way to look at the situation.
May 27, 2013 kukl commented on And Now for BABY JAGUARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Next up, Penquins!
Mar 10, 2013 kukl commented on The Snail-Mail Troll Strikes Again!.
Now, the response to The Satori Group is one thing, and I'm almost glad to hear their new work is causing such a strong response (can't wait to see it!). But for one of the big houses to be using a group rejection letter to auditioners? That's just tacky, and maybe it warrants the scoff. Lastly, if he's going to get this kind of notoriety, he's gonna need a better buzz-name with a little more oomph, like The Scotch Tape Scowler, or The Curmudgeonly CapsLock Critic, or Sceneless in Seattle, or something like that.
Dec 4, 2012 kukl commented on Can Straight Guys Do Drag?.
Sep 13, 2012 kukl commented on McGinn Calls on Port of Seattle and Other Elected Officials to Stop the Coal Trains.
But what's his position on Soul Trains?
Aug 1, 2012 kukl commented on Shameless Pro-Romney Super PAC Ad Tries to Bring Back Bush-Era Fear Mongering.
So to scare the right, they picked a woman who looks like John Kerry.
Jul 21, 2012 kukl commented on What You're Not Wearing: Friday at Block Party!!!.
@thesepatterns Kate Middleton Dopple-Padme?!
Jul 20, 2012 kukl commented on So I Saw the First "Twilight" Movie Last Night....
I never read 'em, and only saw the first one, but I recall hearing mention that the "sparkle" is the evidence of the last remaining effect of sunlight on them. They'd picked Forks as a city because it's "the most overcast place in the world" or something, so there's not that much sunlight? (Wtf?) But there's a little bit of sunlight... so they don't burn to a crisp... they just sparkle... or somethjing...
Jun 14, 2012 kukl commented on Hoping This Is a Hoax.
Sounds like a win-win for the kid. He keeps on gayin, and gets a new computer!