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May 15, 2013 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Insane Demands.
I think you guys are over thinking this one. I'm not sure of the correct term but I think her kink is to be the female version of the "Bull" in a cuckold scene (cow doesn't seem to work). Obviously there is an ethical issue surrounding the infidelity but the rest is just her kink. If her "deal breaker" was that she wanted him to , would there be so many comments on this thread?
Jul 24, 2012 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Going on Seventeen.
I'm going to vote the other way on this...I think every 15-17 year should be taught how to fuck by an older mentor of the young persons choosing. Ya, I know, the horror.

My advice HORNY: Spend time with her, learn her interests, be kind and polite and attentive. Think subtle - no grand jestures - and keep this shit to yourself- if it's ever going to work NO ONE CAN KNOW! She will likely figure out you have a mad crush and likely distance herself. If that happens, cool it. In the unlikely event that she is receptive and starts / continues to be affectionate toward you, you'll have to "make the first move"- a confession or appropriatley timed inappropriate kiss or...

If you do this correct, the worst (and likeliest) scenario will be a "you're so sweet" rejection. There is a chance it could all go to hell though so be cautious and smart and mature for your age. Above all, respect her.

Worked for me and the reality was even hotter.
Jul 17, 2012 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Who Will Speak for the Flavored-Lube Users?.
Speaking of follow ups - what ever happened to the guy who was getting deep throat BJ's by his buddy/trainer on the sly.
Jul 11, 2012 Mthrfckr commented on Savage Love.
Avast@83 or anyone else - what's considered average frequency for couples in relationships greater than 10 years?
Jun 12, 2012 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Not Gonna Do It.
Perhaps the husband is unsure how to proceed / feels like a poser when he thinks about tieing her up. He is probably secure in his abilities when it comes to vanilla but maybe feels too far outside his comfort zone to really initiate this type of play.
DUD, does your husband know how much time you spend on Hogtied? Have you shown him the porn that turns you on? Has he expressly said that he is turned off by your needs? If his reaction is more along the lines of " how about the weather today!" I think you can get him to tie you and fuck you silly - it just might take some learning /coaching / encouragement. Not as immediately hot as a man who knows what he is doing but maybe in time he can become that guy.
May 31, 2012 Mthrfckr commented on Savage Love.
I always thought the idea of a sex mentor was cool - someone older, perhaps a family friend that cared about you (or even, -GASP- a relative). Someone you could learn from without the pressure of a "relationship" or all the hollywood BS of the 'one' true love or your peers finding out you don't know anything (as if they do anyway). Sort of a sactioned campsite rule relationship that young people could initiate when they are most interested in learning.

Can you imagine if we taught people to swim or drive the way you are expected to learn about sex! take the keys kids-you'll teach each other! Sure, niether of you can swim but we'll just throw you off a bridge and you can learn together.
Nov 21, 2011 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Why Aren't They Both Named "Dan" Then?.
Thank you for showing me the way to enlightenment. I hope that once I renounce fornication, "get religion" (will any one do?) and become a productive member of society I'll be just as happy as you seem to be...
Nov 15, 2011 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: We've Heard This Song Before.
I can relate to this guy. It is terribly frustrating to not even be able to talk about it without coming off as the bad guy. Just last week I tried to bring up the (lack of sex) subject with my wife by expressing how I felt (sexually frustrated) in a non confrontational way. In the end I apologised for being frustrated (while thinking wtf?). I think what bugs me most is my wifes lack of ownership of the problem - in her mind (or so it seems) it is solely my problem for wanting sex so much.

I saw a comedian do a skit in which he complained that some women don't take responsibility for sex - a girl complained that he didn't make her wet. No, he says, his job is to get hard -her job is to get wet.

This strange double standard certainly applies to my marriage - my wife has actually told me it is my job to figure out what will turn her on when she is admittedly not sure herself.
Nov 2, 2011 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cock the Vote.
Thanks Erica,

Your husband is one lucky bastard!
Nov 2, 2011 Mthrfckr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cock the Vote.
Thanks for the advice. She is not very talkative during or about sex but the last time we had sex (more than a month ago) she seemed to really enjoy being stretched open - I had four fingers inside and she was out of her mind. Maybe she has a fisting/large cock kink - I think I'll probe that possibility...