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Mar 7, 2014 BubbleSox commented on Where Are the Best Tacos in Los Angeles?.
Totally Agree on My Taco. We love that place. The Goat stew is pretty awesome as well, just had that yesterday in fact. mmmm
Sep 27, 2013 BubbleSox commented on Bye-Bye, Barilla, Hello...?.
garofalo pasta, most of my Italian friends swear by it. In the US the only place I have seen it is Costco.
Feb 20, 2013 BubbleSox commented on Savage Love.
@39. Honey that sucks that your hubby didn't listen to you. I also wanted a pretty colorful stone (don't really like diamonds). My husband knew Opal was my fav stone and went and had an amazing Lightning Ridge Opal ring made for me. When he proposed with that I knew he knew me better than anyone. 10 years later we are still going strong. I guess the message for guys and girls is to think about what your partner and you would want and don't give in to to the whole need to have a diamond crap. They are kinda boring if you ask me.
Aug 4, 2011 BubbleSox joined My Stranger Face
Aug 4, 2011 BubbleSox joined My Stranger Face
Aug 4, 2011 BubbleSox commented on SL Letter of the Day: Power Running Low.
This was me one year ago, except I went through multiple obsessive crushes for 12 years. Finally I was so miserable I had to talk to my husband about wanting to fuck other people or break up with him. He adores me and I thought it would break his heart. You know what he said? Be safe, use a condom. Granted it took some working through stuff for a few months but now I get to happily have sex with other people when I feel like it. I also notice I obsess about any one person much less than I used too. I think the obsession gets fueled by not being able to have it. It may not work for everyone but it's working for us.