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Aug 5, 2011 UmbrellaSkylight joined My Stranger Face
Aug 5, 2011 UmbrellaSkylight joined My Stranger Face
Aug 5, 2011 UmbrellaSkylight commented on Bisexuals.
If one more person shakes their head at me and pretends that I don't exist . . .

Listen. I am sixteen years old. I am female. I identify as pansexual.

A lot of people say that pansexuality and bisexuality are similar. I can see that. Maybe that's why this irks me so freaking much.

Listen, Dan Savage. I have a mother who has one job. And her job is to smile and shake her head in disbelief at everything serious that comes out of my mouth. When I told her I didn't believe in God, she laughed. When I told her I needed a therapist, she shrugged and smiled. When she walked in on me with matches in my skin, she shook her head with a grin like it was a phase. I haven't come out to her because, much like you apparently have, she would slap on a knowing smile and tell me that I'll get over it eventually.

I don't care if it is a fucking phase, Mr. Savage.

Because the last thing I need- no, the last thing any "different" teenager needs -is for someone to shake their head and tell them that "Oh, I was there once in my life, too". That doesn't help. All it does is tell me that I'm wrong and that I /will/ change.

Being told that I /will/ change by a gay icon is worse than being told that I need to change by some homophobic sign-toting fuckass on a street corner.

Who knows. Maybe I'll decide I like girls when I'm old and wise. Maybe I'll decide I like boys. Maybe I'll decide I like genderqueers. Maybe I'll just my a shit-ton of cats. Who knows.

You don't.

Don't pretend like you do.

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