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Aug 5, 2011 badger golem commented on Books Without Borders.
I worked 3 years for Barnes & Noble. I've worked over seven years for Books-A-Million. It's bewildering that Borders is the one that went over from this description, as BAM has been run like Borders was since at least 2002 (when i wound up stuck there the first time around,) only to extremes that many might not even be able to conceive. The contempt and mendacity that roars out their Birmingham home office is endless. Although i still work for the company and have quite a few friends there as well, i'll rejoice when it crashes and burns.

At the moment, BAM has partnered with B&N to sell the Nook. The training the employees receive is superficial, with a few details about how it can hold thousands of titles, ect. We receive no hands-on training and are encouraged to buy it ourselves to learn how it works so we can sell it. We were not informed before Christmas that the Nook could not directly access the BAM website, that e-books must be downloaded to a PC, then transferred to the Nook. Only the B&N site is supported directly. We lost quite a few customers in January, as their brand new Nooks were not truly compatible with our store.