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Excellent article, Paul. I worked for Waldenbooks (owned by the same company as Borders, I do believe) for 8 years, from the mid-eighties to the early nineties, and so much of what you relate here happened nearly identically at Waldens. Well, except for Internet sales and eReaders, of course. Otherwise, the scene played out the same, even right down to the "tiny, mean ferret of a man" manager. Oh yeah, we had one of those. Mismanagement at all levels of the organization, displays filled with junk completely unrelated to books (as one of my co-workers put it at the time, the store should have been renamed to "Waldencrap"), quotas for pushing club cards..yeah, it all sounds scarily familiar.

I'll miss Borders. I went to my local store every week, but I doubt I'll go to the liquidation sales. Deals or no, it's too depressing.