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Jul 26 araucania commented on You Booed Michelle? Yeah, We're Not Friends.

Was that a response to me or someone else? "Laws imperfectly enforced" The law in washington requires malice for even the lightest of guilty verdicts. Thats not even considering the hundreds of thousands of cases of non-camera physical assaults on POC by law enforcement.

Trick question: What percentage of "Obstruction" charges are dropped in Seattle alone? 25? 50%? 75? 91% dingdingdingdingding. Unenforced my ass.

@13 Sure bro. I mean, the presidents hands were tied from as little as issuing a speech in condolences to those dead unarmed black kids. I mean, it wasnt to do the same for law enforcement last month, or after *pick one* celebrity who died in the last 7 years.

Oh he did come out and speak...after a riot had already happened. And then it was a "You blackies go sit down, stop being angry, and let the system *which has, does, and always will let whites off for killing blacks, going back to reconstruction* play itself out...*respect the rule law dummies!*

Da fuck outta here with that bullshit.
Jul 26 araucania commented on DNC Dispatch: All Democrats Must Galvanize Now.
Of course Hillary is the most qualified candidate since Roosevelt endorsed Lincoln on Golda Meiers front lawn!

If you think the TPP is a great idea and will *ugh* 'create jobs', shes the best candidate evar!

If you think that the coups that put semi fascist butchers in charge of Honduras and Libya were the best thing since Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, shes the right one for you!

If you think those pesky black protesters need to be 'brought to heel' and that the real problem isnt crime (which has been shrinking for the past 40 years), but that we dont have enough private prisons (Imwithher collects lots of support from them) and people need to 'let the (white) cops do their jobs (of harassing and killing blacks), shes for you!

If you think that the economic recovery for the top 2 % is a reflection of everyones recovery, shes for you!

If you think there really isnt a problem with owing 6 figures out of college with a mere Bachelors, as 1/3rd to 1/2 of grads do these days, shes for you!

If you think Palestinians arent human beings and need to be ethnically eradicated by Israelis, your with her!

If you like to see the wealthy system elite who rigged yet another system in the face of 'democracy', youre with her!

If your not a fucking idiot, or simply a Pre- Trump DINO, youre as pissed off about what the DNC did as the rest of us informed non-assholes.
Jul 25 araucania commented on You Booed Michelle? Yeah, We're Not Friends.
Add: I know Obama has spoken out, but his speeches begin and end with "We need to respect the rule of law [hint: even if it allows black men women and children to be butchered for fun by racist cops who suffer no consequences]. Remember, it took Obama 4 days to issue a mourning speech for Robin Williams (legendary actor who very much deserved it), but 6 months and a near riot to half butt a speech to black people after Trayvon Martin was killed.
Jul 25 araucania commented on You Booed Michelle? Yeah, We're Not Friends.
So what if people boo'ed Michelle Obama? She hasnt exactly been Eleanor Roosevelt in empathizing with abused communities in America. Like Obama, shes great at speeches, but the substance and action is left in the air. Granted, there isnt much a first lady can do, but maybe should could have pressed her husband to speak out on police killings of black men BEFORE the the camels back broke and people started down the vigilante path.

Maybe instead of pushing a health program to forces health food on school kids (good) while lessening the amount of actual food poor kids get per day (bad)...maybe if she convinced her husband to stand up to the democratic elite and recognize that those brownz in the middle east and africa are human beings, not drone fodder, maybe that would be something.

But if maybes were babies we would all be crying. So let them boo who they want.
Jul 15 araucania commented on Seattle Police Are Looking for Info About Attacks Targeting Black People in the Central District.

How can you quote me, then respond misreading the very part you quoted?

The regions are experiencing an explosion in population of those types. Or did you not read that part...that you quoted...and replied to...omitting that part?
Jul 15 araucania commented on A Black Woman Says She Was Attacked by a Group of White Men in the Central District on Tuesday.

Gotta love how racist love to cry in disbelief when they see instances of racism.

Instances of more than 9 white males huh? Youve never seen it?

1- Post Seahawks games downtown
2- Cap Hill on a Thur - Sat nights
3-Mariners games downtown
4- All of downtown minus the international district and belltown on the weekends
5- any of the 'heroin' hangouts all over the city
6- Westlake any time of day
7- U district any time of day

Thats seven places where you will find that many in groups off the top of my head. Do you live in Seattle? Like IN seattle, not "In Yakima or Duvall or Kitsap or Clearview but avid reader of the times"?
Jul 13 araucania commented on Seattle Police Are Looking for Info About Attacks Targeting Black People in the Central District.
First of all I doubt the police are "Really" looking into this. What do they care if a bunch of white thugs do their jobs for them?

Second of all, this VERY much sounds like what has happened in the past in places with large pro-cop, white supremacist hangouts, which the Central/Cap Hill/Beacon Hill areas have experienced an explosion of. Vancouver WA had this issue in the late 80s and again in the early 2000s. Olympia has the problem even still (Anyone else remember the "Blue Lives Matter" counter protest of 2014 where the neo nazi thugs where the only people who showed?). Minneapolis (where several blacklivesmatter protesters and supporters were literally shot by one of these guys, who had close ties to law enforcement), New Orleans, St Louis, Los Angeles and New York have all had similar events happen.

Black people in Seattle, and America, need to stay alert, and probably armed. The police are gunning to kill you and your families, and so are their civilian racist allies.
Jul 10 araucania commented on #AltonSterling.

Actual attorney present: NO. EVERYTHING presented is relevant in the investigation.

The "Before the video starts" argument actually failed decades ago, mainly because once you argue that the issue is about whats not on the video, its an issue of who vs who (cop claims vs witnesses or surviving victim).

As we know with the SPD, police change their reports regularly once video is released. Lets also not forget witnesses say the reports are wrong. But who are you going to believe, a bunch of nonwhite witnesses or white cop who killed this person of color, like so many others?
Jul 6 araucania commented on #AltonSterling.

LOL@ "SPD investigation board"? Is that some kind of anecdote or bit?

Hey, the SPD investigation boards all white membership ruled that white officers who killed a black (or just not white) person in the right! Wow, they are literally batting 1.000. Last time I heard them hold a white officer responsible was waaaaaay back in yonder, during the time called "never".

I hope tax dollars arent going to 'investigation' groups like this....who am I kidding. Knowing you guys, you probably billed yourselves overtime on top of your time on shift...remember that story?
Jul 6 araucania commented on #AltonSterling.

Another black man was just shot to death in Minnesota. The video implies he was reaching for his wallet complying with what officers were yelling. He was pulled over for "broken tail light" (aka driving while black). No criminal record. Employed. Actually HAD a CCW permit.…

The video is pretty gruesome.

So, racist trolls and SPD daiperbabies. Ball is again in your court. How are you going to defend your #BluKluxKlan now?

And before you do, better school yourselves up. In fact, here is the cheat sheet to my reply to whatever bullshit defenses you give: Around 400 black people killed by police in the last year and a half. 33% - 40% have been UNARMED.