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Jul 8 araucania commented on Washington's First Legal Pot Shop Opens in Bellingham at 8:00 am.
Just think of how much money will be made, probably by not-POC.

Then think about the fact that Washington state has one of the highest disparities in drug enforcement and sentencing by race in the nation. Think of how many POC's lives have been ruined by the Drug war, which now that its over, will be profitable to...well not POC's in Washington.

No one has forgotten Seattle alone spent millions and had its PD devote 60+% of its enforcement time and resources towards busting POC for marijuana and crack, even though most MJ users where white and meth/herione were, by far, the most utilized illicit drugs in the city.

Not complaining about decriminalization. Just arguing that there needs to be some addressing of the damage done.
Jul 6 araucania commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.
committed = commuted
Jul 6 araucania commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.
Im calling Shenannigans on the "I got from Shoreline to downtown Seattle in rush hour traffic in less than 45 minutes".

As a person who formerly committed from North Shoreline to Downtown Seattle and NEVER ONCE made it in less than 40 minutes in traffic (730-830) and the other way in less than 43 minutes (530-645, yes I timed it) for years, Im just going to call you liars. In fact I dont know anyone who lives north of Shoreline who has a story of reaching downtown in less than half an hour during rush hour. Unless you are breaking the law going 65 on 99, or 90 on i5 (and staying in the HOV lane illegally).

That or you arent driving.
Jul 6 araucania commented on Uber Partners With Ultra-Right Wing Corporate Lobby ALEC.
I want to hate Uber. I really do. In fact, after this ALEC connection I do. But after years of cab drivers passing me up (white and even somali black) for the simple crime of not being white, I give them a HUGE benefit of the doubt. As far as Im concerned, cab drivers are LONG overdue for a serious kick in the pants.
Jul 2 araucania commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.

Where in Shoreline does it take 30 minutes to get to central Seattle? Maybe outside of traffic hours and weekends.

No one gives a crap about Seattles taxes. Most people in the Metro come from out of state, where they have income taxes. Its not a big deal for anyone but the whiniest of conservatives. Conservatives who, btw, love to move to blue states/urban centers then bitch about the diverse, urban, left leaning population they choose to live near.

Bellevue is not a suburb. It hasnt been in 10 years. The same for redmond. They are their own cities with there own inbound commuting worker base. Redmonds population jumps 25-50 thousand people every work day, for example. At night, nowhere near.

Renton, Burien, Tukwila, Covington, Kent, Seatac, Shoreline, and Edmonds are all Suburbs of Seattle. Most of their population commutes to Seattle for larger shopping, work, and entertainment purposes.

Auburn, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific, Fife, Puyallup and Lakewood are all suburbs of Tacoma for the same reasons (less for work though).

Newcastle, Mercer, Issaquah, North Bend, Fall City, and Kirkland are basically Bellevue surburbs. Bothell, Woodinville, Clearview, and Lake Forest Park are suburbs of Redmond.

Lynnwood, Marysville, Snohomish, Mukilteo, Arlington, Stanwood, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, and Mill Creek are all suburbs of Everett/Paine Field Boeing, though a number of people live in these areas and commute the long ways to Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle because housing prices are still affordable.
Jun 25 araucania commented on Mayor Ed Murray Is Giving a Big (Teleprompter-Assisted!) Speech on Public Safety.
How many posts does it take for a right wing troll to make a point?

Give up?

They dont make points silly, they just blow their own dogwhistle jingos!
Jun 21 araucania commented on Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit in the Towery Case (in Which the Army Spied on US Peace Protesters), but the Fight Is Far From Over.

Attorneys, their clerks and judges are expected to read ALL materials. Even excessive things like the patriot act or the ACA had to be read through. Judges give themselves and their clerks time to go through long documents, hence why some cases take so long.

A first year law student who did what Judge Leighton admitted to doing would fail out. Not only that, but it takes HUGE balls to openly admit, on the record, that you didnt bother reading the materials. That should go in the annuals of "shitty jurisprudence" and "failing the image of impartiality" with the judge who got caught using a penis pump during trial and the other judge who got caught sending children to a juvie facility he was receiving kickbacks from.

Its almost as if Leighton said "I dont agree with this politically so Im ruling against it, but Im doing it in such a way that the appeals could would HAVE to take it up". Which is a typical thing of Bushie teabagger judges.
Jun 20 araucania commented on Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit in the Towery Case (in Which the Army Spied on US Peace Protesters), but the Fight Is Far From Over.
Big shock, another neoconservative teabagger western washington federal judge.

The exbushie/current teabagger judge:…

I can see an appeal being successful given Leightons track record. But I doubt anything will come of this. The SCOTUS and a good deal of the appeals courts have shown extreme reluctance to touch military issues, even when the military issue steps on civilian domestic matters.
Jun 18 araucania commented on Solid Ground Opposes Construction of New King County Juvenile Jail.
If the new facility was mean to REPLACE the old one, it wouldnt be a problem. The County has not stated they will shut the old one down, so its logical to assume they are just building another to fill.


African American kids are mostly arrested for crimes that Caucasian American kids commit at higher rates and more often. Drug crimes. (…)

Also, Black and Latino kids are more likely to be arrested for any incident witnessed by King County law enforcement than White kids (to whom law enforcement witness the same questionable event). (…)

So yes, it is indicative of racism in the County justice system.
Jun 18 araucania commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
Taking bets the SCOTUS bigoted 5 conservative majority overturns this when a lawsuit is filed?

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