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Sep 1 herrbrahms commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
Much more class than the Stranger showed her. I voted for Reykdahl in the primary but will vote Jones in the general.
Aug 16 herrbrahms commented on The American Marksman's Northwest Regional Championships Was Boring.
Most competitions of skill *are* boring, when you're ignorant of the discipline.

If you had been nice, someone might have invited you to shoot their silenced .22 and shown you the timeless pleasure of plinking.
Aug 12 herrbrahms commented on The Only Thing Sausage Party Says: “I Can Say What I Want”.
Ok, so a politically correct, gender warrior, humorless prude didn't like it. But has anyone seen it, who doesn't live their entire life looking at the world through a gender studies lens?
Aug 6 herrbrahms commented on Former Cop Cynthia Whitlatch Appealing Her Firing to Discredited Review Board.
Officer Whitlatch should win her appeal and be reinstated.

For everyone who's actually seen the video of the police encounter, two things become immediately apparent:

1) There's no video record of whether Wingate swung the golf club at Whitlatch or not. It is neither proven nor disproven. However, Whitlatch seems completely sure that it was caught on video when she is asking Wingate to put down his weapon for the first dozen times. It sure doesn't sound like a bluff to me -- it sounds like a police officer (incorrectly) confident that the camera has her back.

2) Wingate is a fucking tool from the start. When you're holding a weapon and a police officer wants to talk to you, it's common courtesy to set it down temporarily for everyone's safety. It's like during a traffic stop when you keep both hands on the wheel. Let the officer maintain control of force no matter whether the stop is legit or bullshit.

Wingate tries to get away with this crotchety old man routine, but that's no excuse. It would have been a simple matter for him to set his club down and then try to reason with the officer. He makes no attempt to do so. I put myself into Wingate's position and assumed he was falsely accused. I would have set the club down at the first direction and then continued asserting to the officer that I hadn't done anything wrong, and that she had been mistaken about what she had seen. Had Wingate done that, Whitlatch would probably have sent him on his way.

I'm glad to see that apparently the City Attorney has decided to take the civil suit to trial. Wingate doesn't deserve a nickel. And in contrast to the bleating from the anti-police posters on this blog, Whitlatch demonstrated enormous restraint in not just tasing the man for refusing her lawful disarmament order for the 15th time. Wingate could have been taken down pretty hard, but instead he kept running his mouth as he was frisked against the cop car.

I have no patience for police who brutalize citizens and think they can get away with it, and I also have no patience for citizens like Wingate who think they can hold on to a weapon when contacted by a police officer, only to file suit later for hurt feelings when they are eventually disarmed.
Jun 23 herrbrahms commented on Guest Editorial: To Fight Gun Violence in Washington State, Sign Initiative 1491 at Pride Events This Weekend.
Sorry Zach, not a chance. If the gun owner got a summons and had his day in court before the order was issued, then this would satisfy due process concerns. But as the initiative is written, the subject of the order will be notified when the police show up to collect all his guns, and ONLY THEN will he be able to petition the court for redress.

This puts the burden of proof on the citizen, and that is not how we run this country. Count me out.
Jun 16 herrbrahms commented on Guest Editorial: Our Gun Policies Are Madness. Ban Assault Weapons..
Nobody is commenting on @35 because his facts are both incontrovertible and highly inconvenient to the gun banner narrative.
Jun 16 herrbrahms commented on US Senate Democrats are Filibustering Until Congress Does Something About Gun Control.
As much as so many of you on this board hate the idea, firearms ownership is a civil right, the same as your freedom of speech, freedom to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure, etc.

The moment that someone has an administrative procedure to challenge their inclusion on the No Fly List or any other Enemies List®, (thanks, Dick Nixon) then it makes sense to add that group to the list of prohibited purchasers. But not one second before.

If you don't want to tell Mohammed Wahhabi bin Laden that he has the right to challenge his classification in front of a Federal judge, then tough. As a citizen, he has the same civil rights as you and I do, and they will *not* be revoked without due process of law.
Jun 7 herrbrahms commented on Morning News: Seattle Just Can't Stop Getting More Expensive, Seattle Should Impose a 20 MPH Limit on its Streets.
A 20 mph speed limit, Charles? Where do you think we are --- Ferguson?
May 19 herrbrahms commented on Money Spent on Parties for Link's New Stations Better Spent than Money on Software to Ease Congestion.
Charles, after reading this bullshit post and your Cliff Mass screed, I've come to the conclusion that you would be well-served by replacing your normal breakfast cereal with FiberOne.
May 19 herrbrahms commented on Seattle Trump Supporters Gather in a Top-Secret Location.
@1 "a lot of people couldn't be around others they strongly disagree with and keep their cool"

Because a lot of people in this country are hyperpartisan blowhards, who seriously think that people across the Team Blue/Team Red divide are evil.

Thankfully, most readers are seeing through Ana's fearmongering article | about a campaign office | in a state that Trump won't win | which is operating with discretion | in a city known for violent protests. *eyeroll*