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Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing this. I've been thinking of you since the attack. You see, something similar happened to me when I was twelve years old. I awoke in the middle of the night to a man stabbing me. He broke into our home through a window. The knife wounds left me a paraplegic. Unfortunately, my case went unsolved. I know too well the intense fear that follows an attack such as this. I never wanted anyone else to have to experience it and it pained me greatly when I read about your attack when it happened, knowing what you'd be facing. I find myself thinking of you often and wondering how you're coping, if you're able to sleep. Please know that although the fear may never go away completely, it does get significantly better. From what you've written in this article, it sounds as if you have a superb support system and I'm relieved to know that. However, if you feel at any point now or in the future it would be at all helpful to you to speak with someone who has also lived through a violent attack, I would be honored to lend you my ear. I'm thinking back to when my attack happened (25 years ago) and think that may have been helpful for me. If anything else, it would have validated some of the feelings I was having at the time. I will email Eli my contact information. If you want to talk via email or phone at any time, please don't hesitate. Either way, I will continue to hold you in my thoughts. Sending you wishes for peace and healing. ~Amanda