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Aug 14, 2011 brianinkc commented on Bisexuals.
@63 YES! i could not have said this any better! you hit the nail on the head with "Only one bi man I know has ever come out to his girlfriends. On the other hand, all bi men I know tell all their male lovers that they're bi, and it does feel like they're saying "so don't expect a relationship with me, I only have those with women."" wow.

the lame argument from bi's that they are not being "accepted" is really kind of whining bullshit. fuck whoever you want. be in a relationship with whoever you want. BUT, just because i, as a gay man, don't want to fuck around with a bi man (who may or may not be in a relationship with a woman) on his terms only, doesn't mean i don't "accept" him. it just means that i'm not going to invest my time, energy and emotion into casual sex which will probably not go anywhere and just end up making me feel used. now tell me, who's not respecting who?

before you put your bitch wings on and jump my ass for posting my opinion, go back and read #109 for perspective...