Sammamish, WA
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Jen, chances are you won't read this. But just in case, I feel compelled to write something.

I can't fully express how upset I was reading about your story. I cried for a long time over the horror you and your partner faced, and the sadness of your loss. I don't know if it gives you any comfort to know that someone you've never met grieved over your experience, but I want you to know that the thoughts of many, many people are with you.

I think you are doing a wonderful thing for victims of sexual assault and you are undoubtedly helping all women take another step forward towards a safer community in which we don't need to own guns or install dead-bolts on our doors.

I'm so, so sorry for what happened to you and Theresa. She sounded like a lovely, kind and intelligent woman. As do you. Thank you so much for sharing your story.