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Aug 14, 2011 rcharles commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.

Wow.You have such a gentle voice and what you say is so resilient. As a young widow myself, your words about the loss of your true love resonated strongly with me. While my husband died of natural causes, it happend suddenly and I too felt picked up by the scruff of my neck and dropped headfirst into another life. I lost my husband two months before your ordeal but even through the fog of my early grief I saw your story and I've followed it closely.

The thing that I appreciated most about your piece was reading that you do not hate Kalebu and did not want him to die. You have not let the ugliness of your experience blacken your heart. It is so important not to let revenge and hate keep you from healing. You have given this world gentle humanity by wishing no harm on him and by feeling compassion for the wrongs that may have come to him. Your ability to feel for him and his family brought me to tears and I hope will be one of the things that helps you find your future peace.
I dream of my husband often and find comfort in my night time visits with him. I hope that some day sooner than later you can sleep comfortably enough to see your Teresa again.

The world is a better place with you still in it. Live well for Teresa and live happily for yourself.

With graditude,