Nov 9, 2013 NIO commented on Why McGinn Lost.
@52 Cato, the density and just the adding up of the nightmare from taking away the free lanes on 15th and Elliot, taking away of lanes on, Aurora, taking away lanes on Jackson, Nickerson, taking the lanes away on 50th (always a great shortcut for 25 years) etc. Even the way the buses going to lower Queen Anne don't stop in Downtown anymore, so everyone has to be at the crime stop of 3rd and Pike to get to Ballard or QA, just added to the misery (Nickels started a lot of this). Essentially when the insiders killed the monorail, they killed Seattle and now they want to take away the public lanes and have light rail going 25 mph? Where cars could go before, it just doesn't make sense. But hey, 4 months ago, I gave up my cheap rent apartment on Lower Queen Anne after 25 years and today I was sitting at the pool in 75 degree weather in Orange County near the beach Do I miss Seattle and it's small town politics? Not a bit. Worked at the Stranger, Microsoft, Pike Place Market, slimed fish at Petersburg Alaska, been to more than 3 dozen countries. And the mistakes the leaders in Seattle have made are major and unfortunate, primarily on transportation decisions because they wanted their friends and contacts to make the money. A lot of people from Seattle "hate" SoCal, but hey it's conservative here, but 55 mph with street lights (as opposed to 30 or 40 on Aurora) and 3 lanes in both directions, bicycle lanes on the Back Bay huge sidewalks. I skip the toll roads, but spending 25 minutes taking the bus from lower Queen Anne to Downtown making every painful stop on 3rd, or riding my bike down 2nd in the rain, no thanks, it's all you. Don't miss it at all. It was funny how all the new people who moved into the hood I lived in for 25 years looked at me with my long hair two years ago like I was a freak (don't worry, short now fitting in to the OC culture and making $$$), enjoy Mercer, enjoy Denny, enjoy the rain. Could have been a great city, but unfortunately, the leaders blew it. Don't worry, though, I get my grit in the Arts District in Downtown LA, and bicycle there and there's a really LOUD street car that goes by, the one you will all be complaining about in 5 years making all the noise. At least you legalized, Seattle, on his shift, other than that, enjoy the gridlock and the super expensive parking and buses. It's a beautiful city, as long as you don't want to go anywhere more than walking distance from where you live. Twenty-five years same place, seen it all: Weathered Wall, RKCNDY, Trinity, Freaknight, Bang Dances, Skootchies, parties in the bunkers in Discovery Park, kegs in the Arboretum (I think Chris Hansen used to finance some of them in high school, seriously), Mo's ARO Space, ya basta. The beat goes on and the money is global. If you commute from out of town it might not be that bad, but getting from neighborhood to neighborhood is a nightmare. And we all know that Joe Diamond runs Seattle and that's why there's no cheap parking anymore or decent affordable transportation.

P.S. I guess this qualifies as a rant, bye bye Seattle, once again, don't miss you at all, okay, maybe Mount Rainier, but that's it. I'd say my Mom, but after seeing it down here she's heading south, too!
Nov 9, 2013 NIO commented on Why McGinn Lost.
He lost because he made traffic so much worse with the bicycle lane fanatics. I have been riding bikes for 25 years both in Seattle and California, and ruining traffic for 5% of the people is insane. I have been hit and run in Seattle on my bicycle, the police put ME in the back of the car (granted it was 20 years ago). But that's the deal, you take your chances, and then you get to break the laws. But the 30 PAID people bicycle lobby at Cascade Blah Blah F*CK cars lobby, had their moment in the sun. What I would love is seeing the bicyclists going down 2nd Avenue in the middle or right lane instead of the bicycle lane, sorry, I would yell at you and call you an idiot, when I was going 35 mph down the middle lane on the Magnolia Bridge and got hit and run, you know what I deserved it. Lucky I lived, but a lot of times people get what they deserve. Hasta la vista McSchwinn, and good riddance! Please, put the car lanes back, ride on the empty sidewalks to West Seattle near the trucks, etc. It's called physics guys, no matter how tight your pants are or bright your lights, you get hit, you LOSE! Facts of life.
Jan 27, 2013 NIO commented on Debunking the So-Called Bike Backlash.
Hey, riding bikes are fine, I do it all the time. But you know what. The sidewalks are usually pretty empty. You won't get hit there, and when you get home to your car (yes almost all of you including me have one). You can actually drive your retired mom and your kid around. Get real, Seattle, quit taking away lanes and creating traffic!
Jun 3, 2012 NIO commented on Beating Back Amazon.
That's cool, good work guys! $56 million is worth it, sometimes you have to invest in people and PR, not just technology.
Apr 27, 2012 NIO commented on #Based in the Rain.
Good job man, I like local guys doin' well!
Feb 12, 2012 NIO commented on Pina Is Dead, Long Live Pina.
I saw this film and couldn't stand it. I love Wim Wenders and was really disappointed. I didn't know anything of who Pina was, and that was the problem, I looked up on Wikipedia after the film was over more about it (he doesn't really give any history or feedback). What really sucks about it is all the talking. If it were just dance and conceptually and story-lined in I would have been happy, but I was like, why am I not just at a dance performance? When reading about what happened, I understood better. She died within five days of being diagnosed with cancer and they were to begin filming the next week for the film, et voila! So, instead of making a film of her life it's like a testimonial speeches (he uses a cliche of them not actually talking, just looking pretty while their voices are saying something), about how great she was and how she didn't really say much. So, as an uniformed end user (I think all good movies/art shouldn't require a foreknowledge of the story in order for it to be good), this film sucks. If you love Modern Dance and this choreographer it might be worth it as there are some good scenes and concepts and cinematography, but you have to suffer a lot for the good stuff, not what I was expecting from one of my favorite directors. As my wife said, all the best parts were in the 1 minute trailer. Watch that, you won't regret it!
Aug 28, 2011 NIO commented on A Blue Victory in the Purple Suburbs?.
Even if it's 6-3, the big money will buy the votes. Democracy is an illusion that we influence, not decide.
Aug 23, 2011 NIO commented on End of the Ride Free Area.
Thank goodness, I only go from lower Queen Anne to Downtown occasionally, but so many people would get in and totally bog it down on 3rd Ave once it began, it was horrible, won't miss it at all. I hope it makes the buses faster. They should put 15 & 18 back on 1st, 3rd Avenue is Stop Sign/Stop Light HELL on a bus!
Aug 17, 2011 NIO commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
You gotta fight for your right to parrrtttaaaayy!!!
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