It's not very popular.

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Dec 4, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on I, Anonymous.
@10, I get it, well done
Oct 15, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on Instant History for Forgetful Stoners.
Oh wait, that's too many n's. Sorry again
Oct 15, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on Instant History for Forgetful Stoners.
@8 sorry, I'll work on my skoolin'. It must make for long days having to correct everybody. Bet they hate you at work. Remember, this is just a forum, not a term paper or bar exam and not everybody is as exemplary as you.

Also, I didn't realize girl was spelled grrl.

By the way, @3 auntie grizelda used to many n's in long and didn't capitalize her name, however I always like what she says and will forgive her.
Oct 15, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on Instant History for Forgetful Stoners.
Not to be too much of a downer gang, but sorry, divorce lawyers across the country are rejoicing..remember, 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce and gay is no different..

That being said, I'm beyond happy for my friends that have persevered thru the if only the "Supreme Court" can find balls to direct all states to get their shit together. Hey, maybe Tripp can finally bang Bristol after all these years of spank bank whacking? Sarah can run in yelling " do you know who I am"!!

Ooh,, never mind
Sep 18, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on A Gay Fantasia on Last Week’s Themes.
@1, I live in Spokane too (I'm assuming you do) and and as you know, we get info anywhere from 1-2 years after anyone else. We still vote for Cathy mcmorris Rodgers for Christ sakes but mars hill will open to great fan fare, only to be shut down once news not associated with the Seahawks or mariners gets through.

C'mon buddy, wake up ARE being sarcastic, right?
May 1, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on I, Anonymous.
Sorry, but enjoy it..your bus service is about to get fucked..the least of this annon problems is finding alternate routes to get gassed..

thx Seattle, you used to care..
Feb 20, 2014 hellinafiresuit commented on Last Days.
@6, your comment was a bit disturbing, but funny...
Nov 1, 2013 hellinafiresuit commented on Satan, Scarecrows, and Skin.
Need to add the far right religious fanatics, Republican and Tea Parties. They scare the hell out of me
Aug 12, 2013 hellinafiresuit commented on Hostile Policing.
Nice article, thanks Dominic, however, please don't plan on any real action. Here in Spokane we have the same blue wall (crosses sheriff and police), and the same issues, and "escalated" public situatations have the same outcome, meaning the police are always right and the citizens just get in the way.

You are nothing, and don't forget it. At least you had a forum. Most complaints are relegated to the shit bin.
Aug 3, 2012 hellinafiresuit commented on Last Days.
"Sky-rat that eats garbage". Why are you suddenly saying nice things about Ms. Bachmann?

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