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Jan 28, 2013 wonderwoman commented on SL Letter of the Day: Be a Little Selfish.
Um, yeah... I'd wanna make it last too! Timid my ars... that's a risk taking self-molding 'man man' in my opinion. HOT!!! So the idea that strikes me is "Am I the only one turned on -by her man- that her man is that willing to try such ways to satisfy her?" Hmmmm... Well- Glad I was craving some savage pep talkin', now a lady can get her beauty sleep.
Apr 13, 2012 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
Love that, "bi & adventurous are great traits in a mate.. not dishonest & emotionally abusive"... I feel in the same boat w/ this woman... I get the "fuck it, i tried cuz u weren't" all the time and now I know why it pisses me off. He is a liar & emotionally hurtful! Thanks Dan for the consistent clarity!
Mar 19, 2012 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
@ 198- I agree.... Settle? my ass!! Life is WAYYYYYY too short to spend with someone who is settlin' for you. He states she is 'superhot' so I am sure she is turning down 'dick' left and right to be with this charmer!! I hope she has good gut feelings and reads this immature asshole like a children's book!

Here's to my flaws and all!!
Mar 14, 2012 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
ST- Don't settle!!! You are probably treating her like you're settling as well, either way... no good. I wouldn't want to be in a settled relationship. Let someone who can appreciate those small things enjoy her. You go find someone who BETTER suits your likes. You may just find that person and so might she and you will both be better off and all the more happy.
Mar 5, 2012 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
Miss Heartbroken, do not be heartbroken. Turn it into a reason to focus on you and not bad shit done to you by people who are supposed to have you at the forefront of their respect-as I assume you hold your husband!! And Mind fuck is the perfect word set. Thanks Dan for the direction at her selfish husband and for wondering if the "extra hole" knew the queens rules or not. I wondered as I was reading the beginning of threes, as I know they (malicious motherfuckers) do exist!! I would assume she did and is a selfish POS too :(

Oct 14, 2011 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
WBB- You finished? If its my man catching my "blow-face" that's HOT but not a friend. I wouldn't blow my friends though so I'm biased on the situation. Either way, was it multiple keystrokes like a text or was it an aim and thumb action? You have to have a good idea what he was doing, you weren't that far from him.

@81 I enjoyed your perspective and look forward to this so called wrap up in group sex. Ill be conversing with my man.
Sep 4, 2011 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
I love EricaP's looking glass, nicely put miss thang!!
Sep 2, 2011 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
LAH- I am not married but hats off to your 19 years! Thank you for writing, I was feeling the exact same way you were. My BF brought up the idea of an open relationship last year sometime and decided NOT to mention to me that he was also having sex with someone else. I agreed to it so OK, but for the last few months I have had that CPOS gut intuition telling me something was FUCT UP. We never have sex and Im always made to be the boring one- but if I dont feel wanted and beautiful in my partners eyes than WTF, I do not feel like myself and sexy like I used to with him. Anyhow, we talked and I told him that the lying was the ABSOLUTE problem not the sex act. I just want the security of US and that nothing will take that love and commitment from me, when inevitably that's exactly what happened-someone else came along and all of the sudden I am not on the radar and I was made to feel insecure or WEAK, no thanks. I really want for us to be happy , all else- GAME ON and we can explore anything, Im up for it. I hope your husband sees the error of his selective reading. Thanks again for writing Mr. S and Mr. S thank you for being you (Dan)!

WANK: Your wife is certainly not supportive of what pleases you and in my eyes that is part of her wifely DUTIES (and you,her)! You have obviously tried to be more open and honest. I'd give it one more real, honest, 'you cant help who you are on the inside' try to include her. If she can work it in, great; if she can not, I agree with Dan, DTMFA. There are a few of us sexy, strong, exploratory beautiful women out there. It depends on the person what turns them on, for me its my MAN- and for my best friend its ANY HOT man with a BIG DICK; we are all made up different and we should all be our BEST selves even if that means being open to new ways to please your spouse-yes that person THAT YOU CHOSE (speaking to all- that give their spouses shit about their desires)

PHE- Life is too short, I left a relationship I couldn't afford to leave. I had to go out and get an extra income to do it but I made it happen because its not healthy to stay UNHAPPY especially in front of your kids; you want to show them that they should NOT stay in situations when they are not being built up and supported from their life partner. Why should you accept anything less? You are just as important as everyone else in that home. Good luck!!

Aug 24, 2011 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
Oh my gawd! Mthrfckr that is some crazy juice. May I ask what the age difference is?
Aug 20, 2011 wonderwoman commented on Savage Love.
Wow. Great site. I had no idea men could look so dam good.

To HNH, have faith- there are too many beautiful ppl in this crazy world to be so negative. Ppl like ppl its just nature- you'll find them but you should carry yourself around with that confidence & in my experience it happens on its own. And the fact that you are aware that you are attracted to both sexes, is huge. Go you and fuck anybody who disagrees, life's too short to worry about everyone else. Good luck. I'm sure things will turn around, you're young enough. Me not so much.

BPG's post hits close to home for me as my man loves nylons and I think it so sexy of a man to be "in" to nylons but to see him wear them would way HOT! And OMG two men possibilities.... I would feel like a queen. Maybe go buy her a strap-on, I love gifts! So handle your business BPG! You may be able to give her what she didn't even know she's always wanted! Handle it and if you have I hope it was favorable to everyone!

I don't quite understand HINT's problem. I'm still new to all of the verbiage but sounds like she's fishing for more info. I am very picky about feet and my BF has beautiful feet- toes, arches & heels... Gush! So I know where you're coming from. But if you read this, please explain what it means to go to town on them, I'm interested!