May 29, 2014 cowprod commented on Holy Shit You Guys, I Think This Is Gonna Happen: City Council Votes $15 Minimum Wage Out of Committee.
All the big corporate factories and warehouses in Seattle are in for a big surprise now eh? You know those employers that the city is built around...Oh wait, they aren't in seattle proper, at least their low paid employees aren't... but restaurants, coffee shops, theater, non profit arts organizations, small innovative retailers.

I support $15 an hour, but with tips counted as wages in the least, which ask any server, are the wages they truly count on. You will gradually notice, (or maybe not, till you look back), small shops, theaters and restaurants starting to disappear.
Extremely dissapointed.

This may or may not spark a National debate, I truly hope it does. But do know, you wanted to get at the major fast food chains so bad, with no "loopholes", your going to lose a bit of soul and neighborhood spark in this city, and nary a one of those fast food outlets will close, but your local BBQ and/or hip shoe store just may.
Mar 7, 2012 cowprod commented on The Majority of Seattle Clubs Audited For Dance Tax Were Already Paying It, State Says.
Why have none of the clubs supposedly paying the tax piped in, if I had been paying and others
had not, I would be ticked off....but the DOR doesn't have to prove anything it says... we as clubowners never received an Excise Tax Advisory, which in theory is what they send out....they have my email from paying my excise online....if they had sent something, the industry would have spoken up...instead, they pick us off one by one...
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Aug 19, 2011 cowprod commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
hey peter....
well done, im connected to a club involved
send me an email at