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Oct 29, 2014 TheLurker commented on Interviews With Two Women Who Dated Jian Ghomeshi.
@15: At least in the city I grew up in, lots of us kids used to take the municipal bus system to school. It snowed a lot. Every Thursday, the Ottawa XPress came out and was available for free along with the Capital Xtra - and we'd grab them to read *for free*, cover-to-cover, on the long rides home.

You know who normalized kink for us? You know who provided the children of Ottawa with their most comprehensive sex ed?

Dan Savage.
Oct 27, 2014 TheLurker commented on Prominent CBC Radio Host Claims He Was Fired for Consensual BDSM Sex.
The Globe and Mail has an op-ed about how Ghomeshi's alleged victims' alleged consent probably won't get him acquitted -- the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that you can't consent to physical harm. (Although this generally has been applied to things like workplace safety and hockey, not sexual assault.)
Oct 22, 2014 TheLurker commented on Mayor Murray Puts the Brakes on Eviction of Ravenna Tent City.
Vancouver was just doing the same fucking thing last week when I was there. Even though the Supreme Court of Canada found that homeless people were allowed to camp in public parks if there weren't sufficient shelter beds available, and even though the First Nations groups whose land Vancouver sits upon strongly opposed the eviction.

We need real, evidence-based solutions to this. Not just eviction and then.... ???
Sep 24, 2014 TheLurker commented on Savage Love.
Does anyone else find it strange, the disconnect between Dan's attitude towards bath-houses and his attitude towards sex parties? Aside from the type of venue, how do they differ?
Sep 16, 2014 TheLurker commented on Things The Stranger Has Cared About (According to a Dirty Old File Cabinet).
Why sir there's nothing on earth like a genuine bona fide electrified six-car monorail.....
Sep 8, 2014 TheLurker commented on Working Mom Going to Prison for Getting Her Teen Daughter an Abortion.
God. I don't live in a state that has these ludicrous waiting periods, but if I did, I would put out-of-towners up for the duration of the waiting period. Anyone want to start an AbortionBnB?
Aug 28, 2014 TheLurker commented on SL Letter of the Day: Innocent Virgins.
just going to point out that I had some pretty grim power-exchangey pain-play-y fantasies in highschool, before I'd ever even dated anyone. If I, at the tender age of fifteen, could get off on the things I got off on, I'm not going to call fake on this letter.

Some people just start to have desires like this early. *Shrug*
Jul 21, 2014 TheLurker commented on SL Letter of the Day: With Mistress Matisse!.
My ideal LTR is a triad, especially if baby-making is involved. The only way to have a stay-at-home parent in today's economy, and still have a home, is to have two incomes and a third parent.
Jun 29, 2014 TheLurker commented on About the Word "Tranny".
Ugh. If you want to continue using words that hurt people, that's your prerogative, but you might have to consider the fact that you're a douche.

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