Jul 30, 2014 Aner commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
How about the SPD focus on keeping the peace...
Nov 7, 2012 Aner commented on Gay Marriage Campaign Declares Victory (MARRIAGES BEGIN IN A MONTH)!.
The reality of course is that none of this has to do with "marriage" in the first place. The state is simply creating a partnership contract - which is why you have to go to court to terminate it.

This is why the whole opposition thing was so silly and unfounded. This is simply a matter of equal civil rights for all WA Citizens to form partnership contracts.

BTW - I voted for R74 and am a follower of Christ. The phony religionist who use Christ's name are simply that.

Greg Logan
Jan 25, 2012 Aner commented on Love Affair.
The same is true re: cannabis reform. I will have to watch my rants...
Jan 4, 2012 Aner commented on Stoner Clash.
Dominic -

Perhaps Cannabis Clash would be better - and more rhythmic...:-). A goal is to eliminate the sort of "toilet humor" that denigrates freedom, peace and fundamental civil and human rights for human beings regardless of the choices they make for their own bodies.

As to the remainder, I appreciate your making us aware of the legislative action. I expected as much and wish we would put our energy into supporting our known legislators who would support this rather than all the heat which is just wasting our energy for success.

Greg Logan
Oct 29, 2011 Aner commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.
Hey you motherfuckers - Thanks - I had no idea who to vote for as Port Commissioners and you bought and sold me.

Go have a donut!
Oct 29, 2011 Aner commented on High-pocrisy.
I appreciated several commments - I especially appreciate John Toker's reasoned view. I think it was said some time ago that "a house divided will not stand". I assume the speaker knew what he was talking about.

Part of the problem with with 502 is that it was released promptly on the heels of a very discouraging failure of what I think would have been a great iniative and one that I worked hard on. Waiting a year or so might have been positive. Nevertheless, I hear the organizers have done their polling homework (thanks Alison for the input on that) and certainly have done their fundraising homework.

While I am not working on 502, I will vote for it with the idea that it is a step - and that there will be a push to correct defects as it becomes implemented. I strongly expect the organizers of 502 will agree with this latter assessment.
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Aug 20, 2011 Aner commented on Stoner Standoff.
@Banned If YEP wins, there will be NOBODY getting rich. Everyone will simply grow their own - just as they should be if they choose - just as they do if they want tomatoes or parsley.