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now a travel agent, but my first job was at NW Coffee Company (long closed, though their smaller satelite store, Coffee Crew, north of there a few blocks, is still open) near U-Village, down from the Baskin-Robbins and Tullys. The owner was Rhonda Clark, and she was by no means bat-shit crazy, just cuokoo. At any one time, there were 20+ employees to cover all shifts. EACH and EVERY one of us was at one time or another accused of "losing" the money deposit from their shift, which was just inserted into the top of the shitty little safe in the back closet. Over time the amount missing would have added up to multiple of thousands of $$$$, yet not once did she ever call the cops to prosecute anyone. Coinidentely, during this time, the store had been broken into 7 times from 96-99 during my tenure. It must have been the god-dammed pink panther, because every new break-in was though a different port of entry, but again, no police contact or interviews with the staff to even POSSIBLY see who the culprit might be. So it makes you wonder.......

Rhonda was the person who was insistent during a staff meeting that all you need to have Velcro to work were two pieces of the soft, fuzzy sides (no bristly parts) to hold up the signs for pastries.

The eventual downfall of Rhonda and NW coffee Co. was caused by a $100 Business Card order placed at the Kinko's around the corner. See, she used some fancy-printed business cards for the pre-pay coffee cards (buy 25 and you'd get 35). A card of double grande mocha would cost $90. I found the order info she had placed for her original card order in the office and took it to the counter at kinkos, and voila! One week later, 30 of my best friends and I were drinking from the free fountain of coffee for 2 years before she closed the doors.

Remember, bosses....don't accuse an employee of theft when you know full well you did the deed. That employee might go and get back at you. Oh, and they might call the IRS about the different sets of accounting books you kept for the store (but never put out of site for us not to see). I hear the IRS did eventually come a callin'