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10:20 AM yesterday Warren Terra commented on The Morning News: Boeing Deals Another Blow to Washington State, The GOP Hates the Man God Picked to Be the Pope, GOP Sues Obama for Being the President.
What #14 said. Anyone who looked at a map could see that American oil companies operating in Alaska would have a strong reason to export oil to Japan and South Korea and, in fact, they have done so for decades.
Jul 29 Warren Terra commented on Republicans Attack Democrat for Being Too Republican.
Never mind, didn't see the tiny print in the photo - I assumed it was a photo of Isenhower, and an incredible physical similarity. It never occurred to me they'd actually have a huge photo of Dubya as the graphic in a flyer about Isenhower. Weird stuff.
Jul 29 Warren Terra commented on Republicans Attack Democrat for Being Too Republican.
This isn't intended to say anything about the guy or his politics, but does anyone else think that photograph has an eerie resemblance to George W Bush?
Jul 28 Warren Terra commented on North Carolina to Stop Defending Its Gay Marriage Ban.
I think gay-marriage bans are unjust and unequal, and should be rejected both at the ballot box and in the courts.

On the other hand, I do not like the precedent of an executive having what is in effect a retroactive veto on laws possibly signed by a previous executive of another party, merely by refusing to defend them in court. If he is unwilling or unable sincerely to defend this law, someone willing and capable should be found to do so, and should be granted standing, much as was done when Obama refused to defend DOMA and some people more comfortable with gay-bashing were found and given the authority to argue it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Imagine if we had a Republican President right now, ordering the DOJ to deliberately tank those lawsuits attacking the ACA.
Jul 28 Warren Terra commented on Ira Glass Tweets: "I Think I'm Realizing: Shakespeare Sucks".
Sure, Shakespeare has verse and character conflicts that have stood up for 400 years, but he lacks fade-ins and fade-outs of hipster bands, and he lacks a reliably nasal detachment, so I'm gonna go with whatever half-assed opinion is arrived at in passing one evening and expressed in 140 characters by a guy who was pretty good ten years ago, before he got excessively impressed with himself, and before Showtime and Hollywood came calling.
Jul 22 Warren Terra commented on Don't Listen to the SECB—Vote for Jess Spear.
I'm surprised to see Paul Constant signing on to this. I don't really have a good sense of Kiley or Clement on politics, but I'd run a mile not to be identified with the judgment of Herz or Mudede, especially when a question of political realism is invoked.
Jul 21 Warren Terra commented on Link's Train Is Like a Cheetah Chasing a Gazelle?.
Surely the incredible thing about the cheetah is not just its peak speed, but its acceleration and its ability to change direction - both traits the Link rather lacks, especially the second one.
Jul 21 Warren Terra commented on Here Are Washington State's New "Driving While High" Commercials.
All of these commercials focus on male pot smokers. Are female stoners ever going to get any goddamned respect?
The obvious rejoinder is that the state sees a greater need to warn guys against bad behavior than gals - that it expects worse behavior from guys. I have no idea whether this is an accurate expectation, but it's not precisely disrespecting the ladies.
Jul 21 Warren Terra commented on Rick Perry Is About to Send the Texas National Guard to the US Border.
The Texas border is about 1,000 miles long. Even if they were funded, even if they were trained for this mission, what 1,000 National Guardsmen would hope to accomplish is quite beyond me. Even if they're only in pairs, and discounting administration and logistics entirely, considering the need to work in shifts that's ~160 detachments, spaced about 6 miles apart. Hardly going to seal the border, and a tremendous disruption to the state budget and to the careers and families of the Guardsmen with whom Perry is playing politics - but enough to get national headlines, which is what counts I suppose.
Jul 17 Warren Terra commented on Interview with a Woman Who Found a Meth Head Under Her Bed.
Cool lady. I'd be infinitely more freaked, and probably also infinitely more vindictive.

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