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Jan 18, 2013 Kitty_Cal commented on SL Letter of the Day: Schooling Your Instructor.
@14 - I think there's quite a distinction between how one ought to feel about a person who wishes to pursue consensual adult relationships with a person of the same sex and a person who wishes to pursue such a relationship with a child.
Sep 7, 2011 Kitty_Cal commented on We Should Help Texas.
I'm from central Texas (Austin) and live in southern Texas (Galveston). What's going on right now is a disaster and no "Pray for Rain" shit like that dick head Rick Perry is pulling is gonna stop it. We need help!
Aug 27, 2011 Kitty_Cal commented on Savage Love Episode 253.
@27 I have thought about trying to maybe explore an open relationship with another woman. I am typically a one and one person myself but I think maybe having a girlfriend who also has my OK to have sex with other girls (as long as I can veto any skeezers) sounds like a good solution. I honestly don't think that would be entirely manageable with a guy but maybe my experiences have made me a little distrustful of men... Thanks so much for the suggestions!

@28 Your words are so kind and I appreciate it so much. I never really thought of myself as disabled before but maybe that's an avenue for meeting women who also have physical ailments and will be able to understand where I am coming from. Thanks so much and I'll go google it right away!

I am honestly very touched at not only Dan's warm hearted response but the general response of the Savage Love community. I have never met any group of people who were so kind and understanding. I had almost given up hope of ever finding anyone but I feel more confident now that I have a new vantage point and direction.
Aug 26, 2011 Kitty_Cal commented on SL Letter of the Day: Footy Pervs.
SISF is pretty obviously new to Savage Love. I've only been reading for about 2 years or so but even I recognize that Dan has been at this since I was but a wee pup and knows his shit. He's been around the block enough times to know so this person is just running their mouth (or... keyboard... I guess.) without thinking.
Aug 24, 2011 Kitty_Cal commented on Savage Love Episode 253.
Oh and I forgot one other thing - the issue about my rectum. When I was around 17 I had my J-pouch already in and was feeling good when I suddenly began bleeding profusely. After an incorrect diagnosis of Pouchitis that sent me to the ER with a hemocrit of 4.3 they discovered I had cuffitis, meaning what little was left of my rectum from my previous operations was still riddled with disease. I then had a pouch advancement where they essentially attached my j-pouch directly to my anus, thus I have no rectum. The doctor was very kind and very honest for a pediatric G.I. surgeon and told me up front that anal sex was out of the question as it would most certainly cause massive amounts of tearing and bleeding.

As to my experiences with women, the scar tissue makes sex with girls hard too. All of the movement and pressure, especially if she is above me can hurt terribly. They're typically nicer about it though 2 have been frightened away by my surface scars (a small 2 inch one on the left of my stomach where my stoma once was and a large one along my bikini line).

The three way idea does sound fun... How would I go about meeting couples who wouldn't mind my limitations?
Aug 24, 2011 Kitty_Cal joined My Stranger Face
Aug 24, 2011 Kitty_Cal commented on Savage Love Episode 253.
Oh my gosh... I'm the girl with ulcerative colitis. The thing I failed to mention was that I always mention my medical problems before becoming sexually involved. They always say it's OK at first but once we've been together once it is no longer enough. I don't have a colostomy bag anymore. I have a J-pouch now and the abdominal pain comes from the large amount of scar tissue all over my abdomen. All the pressure and movement makes it extremely painful, particularly in missionary.

Dan, I teared up a little at your kind words and I thank you so much. I will hold on tight and do my best to find my match.

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