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Aug 8, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders at Social Security Rally.
Now shut up so I can hear the guy speak
Damn it.
Jul 13, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on I, Anonymous.
'MURKA !!! 😐
Jun 12, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on Edge of the Circle Books Is Searching for a New Space After Getting the Boot.
Alright people !!! Let's help find them a new home so we don't lose them as well
Jun 9, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on Man Says He Witnessed a Transgender Person Being Attacked on Capitol Hill Last Night.
This IS a failure of the cops on Cap Hill!!!
We must require several sets of cops walking the beat. At this point, undercover cops looking like potential victims. FUCKING ANYTHING !!!!
This is another failure of the city to protect this community.

Isn't the mayor gay ??? Shouldn't this shit matter to him in some way ?!?
Feb 4, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on Welcome to the Sasquatch! 2015! Lineup!.
adult contemporary snooze fest
Jan 2, 2015 BAMMBAMM commented on Top 10 Shows at Studio 7 I'm Glad I Didn't Attend in 2014 Based on the Lineup Names.
Seriously ?!?!?!

The Supersuckers ?

Did a mentally ill child write this

Or was it one of those filthy hipsters who know little to nothing about music, yet still has a job writing about music

Mar 25, 2014 BAMMBAMM commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
In my opinion :::
Seattle has become sterile, boring, over-priced and just simply uncool.
If you really like the way it is now, you're probably relatively new in town and have no concept of what once was.
Change happens and there is no denying that.
But when that change leaves out the things that make a city fun, interesting and even funky, that city becomes a generic collection of buildings.

Jan 8, 2014 BAMMBAMM commented on The Best Place for Us.
The 20 year memory is an interesting thing. Very interesting indeed.