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May 10 ScienceNerd commented on Washington Won't Discriminate.
1515 is 1337 speak for Isis. Just putting that out there.
May 5 ScienceNerd commented on Science News: UW Scientists See Earth's Color as Key to Findng Life on Other Planets, Crows Come to Bothell.
I watched crows pick off the baby ducks in UW's Drumheller Fountain. It was very upsetting.
Jan 11 ScienceNerd commented on Beyond Labyrinth: David Bowie on Film.
I grew up watching The Labyrinth almost once a day. David Bowie has always been The Goblin King for me. :)
Dec 24, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on New Column!.
@9, my thought exactly.

In other news, my dad's saint name is Thomas because he asked too many questions as a boy about church.
Dec 11, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on Windy City Pie Adds a Terrific Twist to Chicago-Style Pizza.
We order his pizza ALL THE TIME, so much so that we have a system. Even as a Michigander growing up on deep dish only, this is some of the best pizza I've ever had.
Nov 4, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on The Gospel According to Mr. Burns.
I saw it and it was really fun!!!!
Jan 7, 2015 ScienceNerd commented on Hey! Another Mystery Hole in Pioneer Square!.
I live in fear of the day my partner's workplace is swallowed up and takes him with it. :(
Sep 30, 2014 ScienceNerd commented on Tom Morello Rages Against 5 Point Cafe After Being Denied Service.
We go to 5 point all the time. I'm pretty sure there's a notice on every wall and the menus that says they don't serve rude people.

I'm very nice to big bearded guy who knows my order without me asking. :)