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Apr 14 SeattleKim commented on The SECB Is Vulgar, Offensive, Impaired.
@33, You may not think you use Metro, but you do. All of us do. If all the people on mass transit started driving a single occupant vehicle, you would see your commute grind to a screeching halt that never gets better. Everyone benefits when more people use mass transit.

Also, yes the SECB is vulgar, offensive, impaired. Please keep up the good work.
Apr 14 SeattleKim commented on Organic Chemistry Is Hard!.
Thanks Dan. I needed a good laugh today. Also, @8 had the perfect response.
Mar 10 SeattleKim commented on Ban Bossy? I Don't Think So. Be Bossier..
Mar 7 SeattleKim commented on Issaquah Students Go On Racist Rant Against Garfield Students.
There had better be some huge consequences for Issaquah High. If any of the messages came from kids on the team, they had better be kicked off immediately. I hope the police actually do something (like prosecute) rather than just leave the discipline to the school district.
Mar 4 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Reefer Madness.
If she still keeps freaking out, he should suggest she get counseling. Not marriage counseling, issue counseling. Because she has issues that really need to be worked out.
Feb 28 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Honestly Open And Unbearable or Dishonestly Open And Functional?.
What a clusterfuck. She clearly has issues. Good luck on the counseling. Sounds like it is badly needed.
Feb 28 SeattleKim commented on Republican State Senator Shocks Colleagues, Kills Funding for Homeless Programs.
There are no words strong enough to convey my horror and disgust at these underhanded tactics. It is clear that our Republican state leaders have absolutely no concern for the people of Washington State. It is clear that Rodney Tom has sold his soul to the devil. I wonder if he thinks it is worth it? I also agree with @8. Funding for state programs should not be subject to such flimsy whims as this. Also, Jan Angel is no angel.
Feb 26 SeattleKim commented on Anti-Gay Prejudice/Rhetoric/Assholery Driving Young People Away From Churches.
@3, I find this to be an easy way to tell whether or not a church is actually following Christ. If you need to create a scapegoat to scare your congregation into following you, you are only out for yourself.

But it isn't only religious leaders who do that. It is very common among most world leaders. Create an enemy, then proclaim that you are the only one who can save everyone from that enemy. Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone? The Cold War? This is probably why Putin is making LGBT people out to be monsters. His popularity is going down, and he is trying to regain it and stay in power.
Feb 17 SeattleKim commented on I Feel Like Babies Born With Parts of Their Skulls Missing Should Get More Attention.
The info @7 said that folic acid intake was part of what they looked at. If this is true, these birth defects were not due to low folic acid. What other causes can there be? Environmental contamination would seem to be at the front of the list. Hanford, or certain fertilizers or pesticides have to be looked at.
Feb 10 SeattleKim commented on The Fear of Being Made into a Woman.
If women were truly equal, and equally treated, there would be no homophobia. Having "feminine" attributes would not be threatening to the dominant culture. But every time a woman or a gay man demands to be treated as an equal, men at the top of the power structure fear losing their dominant place. Grr.

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