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Nov 20, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
hey CLICK you do know that if the child goes to a sleepover, the parents have to RECIPROCATE. that means, kid sleeps over at friend's house, then a week or two or three later, the friend sleep over at YOUR house. it is NOT a one way ticket.

we had friends whose daughter spent weekends with us all the time, but they never reciprocated. which was okay, except they wouldn't even take one of our kids when the other was in the hospital. made me look at them different.
Oct 23, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
WTF: i was in a relationship with a guy who masturbated 2-3 times a day. we also had sex 1,2,3 times when we'd get together. but the sex was routine and perfunctory. he CLAIMED he wanted to experiment w toys/porn/dressup. but it was all on HIS terms. it was less work for him to getoff in private than to share with me or pleasure me. DTMFA and get out while you can.
Aug 29, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
TVW is just a cheap cunt.
Jul 24, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
sorry dan but you're wrong. if it was a straight couple you'd say, 'if he has multiple profiles and secret emails, then there is more going on.' this is not random flirting in a bar, this is every week, contacting, talking, grooming, setting himself in a place to screw around with someone else. which is fine if that is what they agreed to, but they did not. been there done that. DTMFA.
Jun 5, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
years ago, in the days before caller ID or cell phones [1986/87?] i got a series of calls for a businessperson. phone number one digit off, and his office was a few miles from my home. i compiled a list of messages, called his office and said: here, you're missing clients. talk to them.
yeah. call the sex worker, relay the messages. be a mensch.
Jan 18, 2014 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
LW#1: if those babies were unplanned accidents then the husband should NOT have sex with the wife ever again. my first thought was LCPOS, then i remembered a dear friend. his wife stopped taking the pill. then she put holes in the condoms. then she got pregnant. when the baby was a few months old, instead of getting an IUD/pill/condoms, she started in on how she NEEDED another baby. they ended up divorced.
so there are often more than two sides to every story
Nov 3, 2013 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
sister: it is also possible tat the letter was a false positive. in any case, TELL HER YOU FOUND THE LETTER AND YOU LOVE HER. my brother in law died of AIDS back in 1987, but my brother refused to be tested. i was blessed to have 7 years with him, albeit him living in denial and not getting treatment which might have given me 10 years with him.
do whatever she will allow you to do to help.
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Sep 2, 2011 wingedunicorn0205 commented on Savage Love.
in re lah:

we hear your side. we have no idea whether you are telling the truth yourself or giving us spin. for all i know you may be initiating 10X a day, not giving the guy time to breathe, or once a month. you may be giving a very cursory BJ or the BJ to end all others. you may have weird kinks or be so vanilla you're a bean. you may be obsessive jealous searching his phone records and pants pockets or truly perplexed. you could be amazing or the bitch to end all bitches.

having been in a similar situation myself [husband cut me off, told me to take care of myself] i can tell you IT DOESN'T MEAN HE'S CHEATING. there may be lots else going on and maybe DTMFA is the answer, but cheating is not necessarily why. as for me, i left.

WANK: GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. she hit you for masturbating? next she'll come at you with a knife so you can't do that again.

Please Help Me: go to, lots of techno marrieds on that site.