It's not very popular.

Aug 15 Zbot commented on Stupid Boys Ruin Real Man's Love Life.
@7, applies to all humans.
Jun 30 Zbot commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
Oz was the shit. Still crushing on Mayhem guy from his turn as Brian O'Reily. Funny how actors on that show seemed to be funneled directly into Law and Order and all its variations
Jun 3 Zbot commented on Living Near Skinny People Makes Overweight People Unhappy.
I would also like to add that having been + and - 60 lbs over the last four years (pregnancy weight gained and lost, and it did take me all of four years), people do treat you differently. It is a strange and uncomfortable feeling, how different people can be when you've lost or gained a lot of weight.
Jun 3 Zbot commented on Living Near Skinny People Makes Overweight People Unhappy.
As others have noted in this thread, I think this study in particular is more an example of the discomfort you feel when you are not the "norm". When I worked around people who were overweight, and they were in the majority, people felt free to tell me to my face "you are so skinny you make me sick" and talk openly about how such and such thin celebrity was disgusting and had no ass, what ever. If you were thin, it was because you are anorexic, bulimic or both. You had to be obsessed with fitness and surely have no life.

I know that over all, bigger people take the brunt of this in our society, but given the opportunity, most people see an opening to put someone down to elevate themselves or their life choices and they take it. People suck. Fuck em' and get on with your life
May 29 Zbot commented on Misogyny Kills Men Too.
In a system where women's value increases with her sexual desirability, but decreases the more actual sex she has, dudes are going to have a harder time hooking up.

BE the change everybody! If more easy pussy is what you want, make the world a better place for easy pussy! We're off to a good start, but there's a ways to go.

However, I don't think this guy could have been helped by all the easy pussy in the world. Women didn't avoid him because he was effeminate (some women love that) or bad looking (I think he was cute), or even awkward. I bet with in minutes of conversation, anyone could pick up on something wrong, something like mental BO. I've felt this before, and while I could not point to a specific reason, my instinct was to back away slowly with out drawing too much attention and avoid contact there after. His parents were evidently concerned but it seems instead of prioritizing their son's mental health in a proactive way, they just warned other people something might be wrong with him and let it play out.
May 2 Zbot commented on At the Top of My Twitter Feed This Morning.
Sofa King Great!
Apr 7 Zbot commented on Much More Important Game of Thrones Poll.
Neither looks remotely how I pictured the character in the book. Sexy Blondy has the crazy eyes, but doesn't pull off ruthless mercenary. Other guy looks more like a mercenary, but not so sexy as to tempt the Dragon Queen, who pretty much falls into lust at first sight. Should be 1 part Captain Jack Sparrow, 1 part Jason Statham. Does that exist?
Apr 2 Zbot commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
Unless she divulged that she found prostitution disgusting as apropos of nothing, then they have at least talked about in general terms. If she didn't care what he did with his penis, then there is no reason for this letter to exist.
Apr 2 Zbot commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
"She thinks men using prostitutes is disgusting"

Not him specifically, but men in general. That's him paraphrasing her, but assuming that's accurate, what kind of conversation could he open up at this point that ends with anyone getting anything they want? I don't see anything wrong with what he's doing, so long as he's not bleeding them dry financially. Then again, I tend to side with the libido haver in these types of letters. All the horny-shaming in here is really weirding me out. The day comes when I'm a dried up old lady and no longer give a shit, my husband gets the pass, if he so desires.

And you young people? If sex is a priority to you, then prioritize accordingly. I sure as hell hope there is more of that happening now than in the LW's generation.
Feb 21 Zbot commented on SL Letter of the Day: Time to Expunge.
@105, I don't follow. So A realized they enjoyed the kink, and now want to enjoy more. If B dumps A, and A finds they still enjoy those kinky things, A can go find another kinky partner, perhaps more suited them. I don't see why they would be horrified.

Or are you saying kinky behavior actually turns people into bad characters? I really don't think it's likely. As far as extream pain infliction, that's a pretty far kink and not necessarily a part of these types of fantasy. For many who consider themselves kinky, and enjoy the kind of play we're talking about here (rough sex, ravishment if not rape-play) the point is *it feels good* and many orgasms result.

If it's not your thing, then it's not, but trying it and liking it, and becoming good at it aren't drawbacks in my opinion

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