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Feb 1, 2013 lindsaybee commented on The Rent Hike.
Hopefully the only good that will come out of these ugly new places that will undoubtedly have ridiculous rent prices is, as many economists predict, a renter's market will eventaully ensue and the owners/management will have to drastically reduce pricing as soon as they've managed to eradicate everything that made the neighborhood a desireable place to live in the first place. Then we can take axes to all of them and build cooler/new places to live and all the affordable bowling alleys we want! Hey, a girl can dream.

PS, I can't believe I can't even find a place within the city limits under 800 dollars. I was paying that for a super nice place on QA in 2008 before the recession really took full force, and now I'm likely to find a shack on the city limits for the same price. It just drives me INSANE when I hear McGinn talk about city development on his KEXP soapbox. Perhaps he should start to read this comment thread.
Jul 19, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
Well, if you are a proponent of the JC for the sake of social services, I guess I just feel saddened you think it's okay to use that term (not okay in the slang sense) and admit you work there (can't imagine your coworkers would be thrilled to read that) and that I probably crossed paths with you. Thanks for bringing up the recidivism issue, though, definitely cuts both ways.
Jul 19, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
Oh, and by the way, I don't A) directly insult whatever it is you contribute to the community or whatever passion you may have and B) I don't resort to calling other people a "retard." These sorts of tactics lead me to believe you have a more self-indulgent agenda then actually contributing something constructive and educational to the conversation. It seems like you're probably educated, or at least, interested in topics you contribute to. But, if you'd like people to show you respect, you should refrain from name calling and patronizing others.
Jul 19, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
@29 I would genuinely love to have a conversation with you about it. Just curious, what ties have you had to the juvenile system? Any? Have you been to the juvenile justice center? Have you actually asked the kids and their families what they think about the proposition? You know, the people ACTUALLY affected by it? You contradict yourself because you suggest that no one is there for a long period of time (not true, one of my clients was) and then you suggest that these are fundamental changes that need to happen for the health/safety of people in the building. I agree with making the building safer, if need be, but it doesn't require a 200 million dollar new facility. Furthermore, I've attended meetings with those who touch and concern the facility the most (judges, attorneys, probation officers) and feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of what this all entails. If you have been affected by the system, in any way, then I am sorry and I could maybe have some respect for your analysis. Otherwise, you are just another person brainwashed by the prison industrial complex. But seriously, if you feel that juxtaposed to the anti-prison movement, I seriously urge you to go (even if just for five minutes) to just hear some people out. I've been to meetings where the county council just, well, they just walked out and refused to answer some very articulate and valid questions from counselors, former prisoners, judges, professors, and people in the community. This isn't an anarchist movement, it's a celebration of the community and those that dedicate their lives to keeping kids out of the system in the first place. We just want others to understand that children don't deserve or need to be put in prison.
Jul 18, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
Stranger, you disappoint me. You seem to celebrate progressive ideas and yet you think that abolishing the juvenile jail is ludicrous? I cordially invite you to come out to the festival of renaissance happening at the jail on Thursday the 26th to see some of the amazing people who work so hard to provide services outside of the prison industrial complex. How can you not understand that the new jail will have twice as many beds as there are juveniles currently incarcerated? I represented kids incarcerated there as a limited license attorney during my final semester of law school and even they are smart enough to figure out what a new jail means. It certainly won't benefit them, their records will already be tarnished by the time they get there, forever affecting their ability to get a job or an apartment until they can get their record sealed (while white kids up north like me just got a call to their parents if they got into trouble, these kids have to face the criminal punishment system). SCHOOLS NOT JAILS.

Information below:

The County is planning to spend $210 MILLION to "rehabilitate" the youth jail on 12th and Alder. The plan includes building commercial spaces that will further gentrify the Central District.

We say stop spending money to lock up youth of color! Our communities need health care, housing, jobs, childcare, income, and gardens, not more police violence, courts and cages!

On July 26, join us for a day-long Festival of Resistance at the youth jail! Help spread the message:

VOTE NO on the levy to raise money for the new youth jail on AUGUST 7!


Come hang out and meet your neighbors! There will be food, music, workshops, activities for kids and more! Rally at 6pm!!

More info on why we oppose Proposition No. 1:…
Jul 16, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Why Can't She Learn?.
If anyone hasn't heard about Angela Davis, or her writings (Including: "Are Prisons Obsolete?") you should check her out. A lot of her research and philosophies apply to the discussions happening here.
Feb 17, 2012 lindsaybee commented on The Head and the Heart Will Perform for the President This Afternoon.
Sure, no one should do that. But people are incredibly quick to judge. Not all actions being equal, most people have done something the general public considers morally reprehensible to some degree. You just don't have it broadcast over the SLOG because you don't live under media scrutiny. Plus, didn't this happen a long fucking time ago?
Feb 17, 2012 lindsaybee commented on The Head and the Heart Will Perform for the President This Afternoon.
Jon Russel is a lovely human. I don't know how you all fit your high horses through the door everyday. Though this whole fundraiser thing makes me weary. As if there wasn't a lack of direct-democracy already, it would be nice to have a venue for poor people to go and tell Obama to shut down Gitmo through a cheesy smile while you pose with him. That was a horrible sentence.
Feb 7, 2012 lindsaybee commented on Church or Cult?.
Man, I sure do miss Ernst Hardware.
Jan 26, 2012 lindsaybee commented on The Good, the Bad, and the Fucking Nuts.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well, I guess what I have to say about the bags: I went to live in Ireland back in 2005, far more ignorant than today, and was just shocked and appalled to find out I had to pay for a bag if I didn't bring my own. So, it made me remember to bring a bag every time. And it wasn't a big deal. I came back to Seattle, and I always forget my bags. It's not like anybody has an express right to grocery bags, for pete sake. I'm sure it's difficult to speculate because we are naturally short-sighted even if we try not to be. And honestly, who's to say we aren't perpetrating some other use of oil that is used to make the fibers of the reusable bags? I guess we'll just give it a try.