Dec 10, 2014 TaniaZ commented on Savage Love.
I will never be able to use they/them/their to describe one person. All I can hear is the plural clanging Grammar trumps identity for me in this one. Othet than that, I can try to be pronoun flexible.
May 29, 2014 TaniaZ commented on Do I Sound Gay?.
"Between you and I" is always wrong. The grammatical explanation is that "between" is a preposition, which is always followed by the object form of the pronoun (between me, you, him, her, us, them, etc.). If you would never say "between he and she" or "between we and they" then you should never say, "between you and I" or "between I and you." If you can substitute "he/she/we" then use"I." If you can substitute "him/her/us" then use "me." -Former English teacher.
Jan 11, 2014 TaniaZ commented on SLLOTD: Err on the Side of Blowjobs.
As a bisexual female, I agree with Dan that giving oral sex to women is less complicated and less taxing than giving oral sex to men. Like Allison C, I had no problem getting a woman off my first time, and , for Erica P, yes, also getting off women who had not been able to get off in the past. (The only woman I was never able to get off suffered from severe mental health issues, including depression, hallucinations, paranoia, etc.) Yes, I have been praised for being "gifted and talented" in this area, but maybe it is just a combination of really enjoying this activity, along with really knowing how my own body works. In contrast, oral sex to men causes immediate, severe pain to my head, temples, and jaw, is fraught with the hazard of accidental biting and constant gagging, rarely ends in him getting off without hard manual stimulation, seems to take forever, and also tastes awful to me if we are successful. I rarely offer this activity to my long-term, monogamous, male partner, whom I love dearly. and am wildly attracted to, and do feel bad about depriving him, but I do not how to enjoy it more, or at least not suffer so much. I wonder if a bisexual male would have the opposite experience as mine, finding oral sex with another male to be less complicated and less taxing than with a woman?
Feb 27, 2013 TaniaZ commented on Savage Love.
I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we still use condoms. He's not happy about it, but the reality is that ALL BC methods for women involve some measure of risk to our health. Can't say that about condoms. He complains about loss of sensitivity but comes every time. Am I supposed to risk strokes, uterine damage, and other horrors just so he can get more sensation? I'm not buying it. Condoms are the healthiest option available at this time.
Aug 1, 2012 TaniaZ commented on Savage Love.
My boyfriend and I share an account on the same computer, and the only problem that results when I run across his porn is that I can get very distracted by it, and end up forgetting about whatever work I've signed on to do. In some weird passive-aggressive way, I get to enjoy the fruits of his "bad behavior" while remaining innocent of the "crime" of searching for online porn. :::wide-eyed blink, blink, blink, bat lashes, bat lashes, bat lashes.
Jan 11, 2012 TaniaZ commented on Savage Love.
Making fun of a politician who has the power to hurt/destroy human lives in order to call attention to his depraved beliefs/policies is not mean. It's called grassroots politics in action. Duh. Maybe more people should have made fun of Adolf Hitler before he took total power.
Sep 15, 2011 TaniaZ commented on Savage Love.
@avast2006 controversy-I'm a woman, and a feminist, but I happen to agree with avastt, and I don't understand why everyone is blasting him. From a moral point of view, it doesn't seem right to me that men can be forced into fatherhood, while women cannot be forced into motherhood. Both take a risk when engaging in sex, but only one is given a choice if there is a pregnancy. It's a simple, but powerful, point, and worth exploring.
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