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Jul 10 balmontguy commented on Amazon Asks FAA for Permission to Test Drone Delivery Program in Seattle.
What about the noise and annoyance factor? Is there any value to our peace?
Jun 23 balmontguy commented on US's World Cup Success As a Sign of Its Decline.
I think you should see a shrink for mild depression symptoms. negativity is a classic sign.
Jun 21 balmontguy commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
I am two blocks from the parade route. no travel required!
Jun 10 balmontguy commented on "Exceptional" Life Sentence Sought for Aaron Ybarra; Prosecutor Says He Methodically Planned Mass Shooting at SPU.
this miserable excuse for a human being is fortunate to have a pd that gives a shit. what an asshole. I hope he thinks about what he did every day for the rest of his life. lots of people suffer from mental illness. they don't do this.
May 31 balmontguy commented on Bartender Crush: Carlee at Bait Shop.
she's f-ing adorable.
May 31 balmontguy commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
I've been a cyclist for 30 years. From a real city.

stop being a pussy! go around. it's not hard.
May 27 balmontguy commented on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Backs Off Gay Marriage.
He doesn't care. In Wisconsin, it's not nearly the issue it is elsewhere.
May 26 balmontguy commented on Seattle Musician and Wife Lose Everything After Their Moving Truck Is Stolen.
@12. exactly. this video is very strange.
May 25 balmontguy commented on Father of Shooting Victim Points Directly at NRA.
@2 what the fuck are you talking about? this is the VICTIMs father.
May 24 balmontguy commented on Poor Little Fixie/NIMBY Porn.
@11. Agree. Fixed gear bikes w out brakes were intended for track cyclists, not hipsters.

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