Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Mar 25 balmontguy commented on Death Toll Rises in Snohomish County Mudslide.
yes, you should.

it's called being human.
Mar 11 balmontguy commented on Tear Down the Damn Viaduct Already!.
It's fine

Stop worrying about that which you can't control.
Feb 24 balmontguy commented on Fifteen Years Left Before Machines Outsmart You.
As someone who has done AI research at MIT, I can assure you this is bullshit.

Mr K is fun, but wrong.
Feb 5 balmontguy commented on Seattle Public Schools Evicts Northwest Center Kids.
Don't blame Seattle Schools. Blame Seattle voters, for whom paying more taxes for schools is like fucking pulling teeth. I grew up in 1980s Massachusetts, where we had amazing public schools that were funded by a 2.5% (that's right) property tax.

We are not going to have great schools until we put a crowbar in our collective wallets and pay for them.
Sep 27, 2013 balmontguy commented on After a Decade of Gay Marriage, Massachusetts Feels Pretty Good About the Whole Thing.
wow. that was TEN years ago? I remember walking by the Cambridge city hall that night. crowds were impressive.
Sep 24, 2012 balmontguy commented on The Truth About Apple's iPhone 5.

Did you read this on your iPhone?
Aug 23, 2012 balmontguy commented on "A Wanker Whipping Up Fear".

Can he run against Romney?
Aug 17, 2012 balmontguy commented on "Sharpie Parties".

Crying a river for the banks. Poor banks!
Jul 26, 2012 balmontguy commented on Memories of the Space Age.

It's hot up there. With black-body radiation to space the only heat sink, the sun, and the albedo of the earth shining up on you, it's hot. Equilibrium skin temp of the white surface of the shuttle is about 160F.

Jul 26, 2012 balmontguy commented on The Unresolved Matter of Bonuses in Alien.

I feel really sorry for you, to have to live within this world of yours. It's your ego, you have to let it go.

Eastern philosophy has a lot to say about this: once you realize most thought is a manifestation of your ego, you will truly become free.

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