Apr 13, 2015 uw prof commented on Letting the Bad Thing Happen: A Conversation on Conservation with Ann Hamilton.
Welcome back, Jen. Your voice has been missed.
May 21, 2013 uw prof commented on Honey Badger Don't Care.
Well played, Bethany.
Aug 20, 2012 uw prof commented on Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Sounds Just Like Morla from The Neverending Story.
Holy smokes! So amazed that somebody else made that connection!!
Dec 25, 2011 uw prof commented on SL Letter of the Day: It's Christmastime In the Shitty.
HISC, hang in there -- I hope you have love and support from your parents. Times are shitty for many, and I hope you can get through the holidays and start of 2012 with a little bit of optimism. I think Dan gives good advice here. Especially agree (as a woman) that there will be women that would appreciate honesty and be willing to give it a go if you are upfront about your circumstances. Not sure what to say about the married woman, but maybe try to be honest with yourself and trust your instincts. Merry Christmas. Good luck to you!
Sep 12, 2011 uw prof joined My Stranger Face
Sep 12, 2011 uw prof joined My Stranger Face
Sep 12, 2011 uw prof commented on U-District Cyclist Was Wearing a Helmet When He Was Killed, Says Employer.
FWIW: I work in the U-District, and encounter the JJ delivery riders on a regular basis. Have never seen one without a helmet. And while they appear to be experienced riders, they seem generally respectful and safe when I encounter them riding. I've never gotten the impression that the management/company is not serious about their riders being safe.

Not that any of that matters though, given the outcome. I just don't think its necessarily fair to blame the attitudes and norms of the company, at this point.