May 13, 2013 bruski commented on They Need More To Do On the International Space Station.
There's plenty of science going on on the ISS, here's what they've done in one week:…

- Completed a long term study on cardiovascular atrophy ( "The information obtained from these experiments has relevance for patients after prolonged confinement to bed rest or chronic reduction in physical activity, as well as for patients with disease processes that alter cardiac stiffness such as congestive heart failure, ischemic heart disease and normal aging." )
- Completed another long-term study into blood vessel wall properties with similar applicability to sick and aging populations.
- Started a project to grow plants in space with close observation
- Did a post op checkout of a flow cytometer. Col Hadfield did a great video on this too, but our modern media cares way more about an astronaut playing the guitar than discussing science, so you don't see this video.

And that's just one week! There's plenty of science going on, but the media doesn't cover it because people generally don't care, and would rather hear about politics, tragedies, and celebrities.
Mar 6, 2013 bruski commented on Humble Bundle 5 Is Out!.
Beat Hazard Ultra and Super Hexagon are worth the price alone, I love these bundles, thanks for linking it!
Mar 6, 2013 bruski commented on The Catholic Church? Officially Irrelevant.
Amazingly enough, 77 million American Catholic are only a tiny percentage of Catholics worldwide, so for some reason the College of Cardinals probably isn't going to pay much attention to what they want.
It's so Amerocentric that all American media seem to view the Papal election the same as an American election, and can't conceive of cultures outside America having influence or mattering. They also don't seem to understand that no matter who is elected the next pope the teachings of the church won't change, no matter how hard they wish or how many words they write. Something something about absolute truth and no moral relativism or whatnot.
Mar 5, 2013 bruski commented on The Closer Google Glass Gets, the More Ethical Dilemmas Appear.
The eventual endpoint could be something more like this is you like semi-distopias (7 minute short and dating with app implants)
Feb 17, 2013 bruski commented on Comic Book Stores Refuse to Carry Hateful Homophobe Orson Scott Card's Superman Comic.
"The idea that a person's personal opinions should be grounds for dismissal or blacklisting is, frankly, chilling. Is the idea here that it's ok to blacklist people we disagree with, but that we get up in arms when people we agree with get blacklisted? I assume the same people complaining about Card's hiring would be freaking out (rightly so) if a conservative group threatened DC with a boycott for hiring a gay writer.

An artist's work must exist separate from the artist. While the artist's beliefs and history can inform a critical analysis of the work, their personal beliefs about politics or philosophy or religion should not be the main consideration when consuming the work. It would be exhausting, and stupid, to comb through every artist's personal history to make sure their beliefs and their behavior match up to your personal criteria. The quality of the work is what matters; you're certainly not asking about the elevator inspector's views on Israel before you go to your floor. "…
Nov 19, 2012 bruski commented on Today in the Surveillance State: G.K. Chesterton.
The Book is also available on Project Gutenburg for legal downloading.
Jul 16, 2012 bruski commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Ladies Who Lunched.
Just pointing out that alot of people out there probably don't know the proper pronouns to use for a trans person, and they might not be fumbling to be assholes, they just don't know which to use.
Jun 11, 2012 bruski commented on Madonna's Titz.
Do we get a male version of this or has the slog decided it's now ok to be misogynist as long as the woman is older?
Feb 29, 2012 bruski commented on What Kind of Music Did the Astronauts Take to the Moon?.
You assuming everyone is on the same page about Country music being "hick" is about the same level as assuming everyone is on the same page about Rap being "n-----"

Whether deliberate or not, you're just an offensive troll, and I'm surprised someone gives you a place to proliferate your bull.